The Legion of Super-Heroes has been decimated by the worst disaster in its history.

Now, the students of the Legion Academy must rise to the challenge of helping the team rebuild – but a threat of almost unstoppable power is rising at the edge of Dominator space, and if the new recruits fail, the Legion Espionage Squad may be the first casualties in a war that could split worlds in half!

Written by PAUL LEVITZ

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  1. Will this comic be the ONE to make me like The Legion?

    • I think that if it’s going to be anyone, it’ll be Levitz. He’s the one who made me fall in love with the Legion in the 80s.

    • Levitz’s writing has been good lately but not great. I am guessing no.

    • In all honesty I’m going into this comic with no preconcived notions. If it’s good I’m in. (scratch that, if it’s “Great” I’m in. “Good” just doesn’t constitute 3 bucks leaving my wallet these days)

      Case in point: Last week Superboy surprised the hell out of me. That book is now on my buy list at my local comic shop.

      So, Legion and Levitz, let’s see what you got.

  2. Man, I loves me some Legion!

    But not some Levitz. I guest Lost will have to do.

  3. Honestly, my expectations are very low. And this is one of the few series where I wish they had totally revamped the all the outfits. On the other hand, I don’t care for Ultra Boy’s new overalls look, but Mon-El’s new threads are kinda snazzy. Still not sure how the new Academy members get to join, but the Academy graduates don’t. Makes no sense.

    • I really don’t care for the short-sleeve look Ultra-Boy has been sporting recently. His Reboot and Threeboot outfits were way better.

      Also, he’s a character that should wear a leather jacket more often.

      Regardless, i really really really hope Jo is a central character for this relaunch. He’s on most of the covers so far, so… maybe hope.

      Ultra Boy Rules. Mon-El Drools.

  4. I’m new to the Legion and Legion Lost had me, well, completely lost last week (it just didn’t read well for a #1 and a new reader). Hopefully this will be more newbie-friendly so I’ll stick around, I really want to get aboard the Legion bandwagon!

  5. Newly in love with the Legion and I’m excited to read these new Levitz stories!

  6. I’ve loved everything Legion for the past year and a half, but this was not good.

    If you thought Legion Lost was incomprehensible, don’t even bother picking this up.

  7. This is definitely my book of the week. Comes out the gate strong, with a main cast composition I like, with a large cast of Legion regulars and Legion newbies in reserve. Great artwork, a solid mystery, and a classic punch-up fight.at the end. Everything Legion Lost seemed to lack.

    Next issue looks to be a blast with Ultra Boy showing a Daxamite what for (I hope! Don’t get jobbed Jo! You wife is watching)

    Speaking of U-Boy, something about his look has changed and I suddenly like the outfit he is sporting, short-sleeves or no. Not sure what the difference is.

  8. This was my first Legion book and I was completely lost. Even after watching the Legion cartoon before, I felt that this was completely not new reader friendly. The art was good but it was just such an onslaught of characters and it seemed like you had to have a lot of background knowledge.

    I don’t think I’ll be sticking with this.

    • I really don’t get the ‘there are too many character’ the A plot had Five(5) Legionnaries, and there were maybe 5 others involved in B plots. All of whom got Infotext boxes, and dialog introductions to explain what their deals were. I don’t know how it could possibly be overwhelming.

  9. I can’t believe I actully almost liked this book?. Gave it a 3 and I wanna see what next month brings since I have never been a Legion fan. This issue was just intresting enough to keep me around for one more.

    Just sayin’,


  10. wow never reading legion books before after reading these two I NEVER want to read anything with legion in the title ever again. I felt nothing but lost and bored on both books. fail

    • I have to agree here. I was looking forward to jumping on board with both Legion books but felt they failed completely for a new reader.

    • Care to elaborate why you found the book boring? Because I don’t get it. What were you expecting?

    • I really didn’t have any expectation considering I’ve never heard of any Legion books before the relaunch. The only reason I picked these up was because i’m buying all the 52 new books. My feeling of being bored was mainly derived from my corresponding feeling of being lost. While reading both of these I felt like I was supposed to already know who all these random people were and what their purposes were. Both writers did a HORRIBLE job of giving new readers any way of latching on emotionally to these character especially in Legion LOST. So halfway through both of them I realized that as a new reader I wasn’t even considered in either of these books and instantly clocked out and stopped caring about these books.

    • * meant to say “clocked out emotionally” I finished reading both of them.

    • Yeah, I think the real issue here was that this was in NO WAY a #1 issue, there was nothing to bring in new readers, or, hell even explain what the Legion IS.

      Such an odd editorial choice, a chance blown I’d say.

  11. So much hate for the Legion here. Their tagline should be “Legion – it’s not for everyone!”

  12. Didn’t like this as much as Legion Lost but it was still a really fun Legion book. I can understand a little bit of the confusion but I think people are just expecting origin stories from all these books. Both this and Lost threw us right into the middle of the action and we’ll figure out all the details as we go. It’s just a different form of story-telling.

  13. I love LoSH, I love all of the characters, but hadn’t been reading recently so I thought this would be a great jumping on point, what with it being issue #1 and all. Boy was I wrong.

    • I agree. What a huge disappointment for me. I was wanting so bad to get back into this series, but this is not an entry-level book at all.

      Can anyone tell me a past Legion issue that would be a better starting point – this issue seems to pick right up from what was going on prior to Flashpoint.

      Btw, where is Lighting Lad?

    • Just realized that Levitz is writing the 6 issue mini-series Legion:Secret Origins. This begins in October. Maybe this will be a better jumping off point???

  14. I am familiar with the main Legion characters and the basic premise so I was hoping with this issue I could jump in and become a fan of their comics and really get into it. But I guess the memo didn’t get around to the Legion office about the point of all this was to be accessible to new readers, because I had no idea what was going on. It began in the middle of a mission to do something the characters were introduced in a hurry so I was not able to gain any familiarity with them. I really hope one day that I can find a LoSH issue that I can jump in to and it be my access point into their adventures, but that isn’t this issue.

  15. Loved this issue!!! so glad that they’ve kept the things that were working before the DCnU but added the Academy kids. I’m in and ready to go!!!

  16. Could it be that the mysterious cloaked woman that is showing up in all the new DC number 1’s is the Legionnaire Glorith? Take a look at her in Legion of Superheroes #1 – she has a similar outfit to the mystery woman. Also, she is distraught about someone named Oaa dying. She says the following line, “I wish somehow I could turn back that moment, make it has if it never happened.”

    Sound familiar? Flash tried that shit to save his mom and looked what happened?

    It states that Glorith’s home world is unknown, and she has the power to manipulate magical energies. Sounds pretty mysterious to me.

    Could Glorith have found a way to travel back in time and visit all the people effected by Flashpoint? Is she the cloaked woman?

    • My thinking exactly! The whole scene with Glorith screams that she is possibly her (wishing she could change things, her outfit, Star Boy’s comment about changing things).
      I don’t know…maybe its a red herring?

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