League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen III CENTURY 1910 #1

Price: $7.95
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 29.8%


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  1. I might be picking this one up, I’m not entirely sure. It’s a steep price, but there’s a lot of comic in there. I’ve yet to read Black Dossier so I might just grab that instead.

  2. Is this coming out outside of the States, such as Canada?  Or does it fall under that character copyright crap again like The Black Dossier did?  If so, I may be waiting for the trade at which point I’ll just order it off of Amazon.

  3. it’s 8 bucks… but it’s 72 pages long.  i’m just worried that after the catastrophe that was the black dossier(i couldn’t even motivate myself to finish it), this one might not be worth the time. 

  4. Yeah, the price is very reasonable. What would you rather have for $8, 44 pages of Dark Avengers story with ads or 80 pages of story with no ads by Alan Moore with great established characters in a prestige format.

  5. I’m actually surprised this isn’t more pulled. You’d think Alan Moore + LoEG = Crazy Sales 

  6. @miyamotofreak – yeah i’m kinda shocked too. the fact that it was pulled so little had me wondering if this was what i thought it to be.

    SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

  7. If your a fan of non-translated arabic….this is your comic.

    In all seriousness the price alone is making me trade waiting on this. I know this is Moore’s way of dividing this volume into 3 big issues. But $8 bucks an issue? Sorry that’s is just too much money for me. Besides the Black Dossier was not exactely the best thing in the world.

  8. @TNC

    Just think of this as a trade. A four issue trade with absolutely no filler. The price is excellent for what this really is (an OGN). 

  9. @miyamoto: I can see it that way; and that’s still too much money for me.

    Now if this was a long mini with issues at $3.99….I’d have no problem. Cause I dont care about comics being $3.99 (my rant on the forums explains why). But 3 issues (no matter how big they are) for $8+ is not economically sound for me.

    But this is artistically how Moore wanted to release each part of the story. When it’s collected in one huge trade I will definitely pick it up

  10. does anyone else get the feeling this will be pick of the week? i’m calling it now.

  11. @edward: Maybe. But Ron has a certain ‘wild card’ style to his picks. So I wouldnt make this the clear all winner just yet.

  12. Sean Connery once performed as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’s Leader Allan Quatermain and the Movie was a smash hit so I’ll consider in getting me a copy of this comic book. 

  13. @evil09. yes! I can’t see any other reason it pick it up!!

  14. $7.95 for 80 pages ain’t bad.  Definitely going to check this out.

    I’ve never read any League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, do you think I’d be alright reading this, or should I read the previous trades first?

  15. Kory – You should read both Vol. 1 & 2 for sure. And if you’re really digging on the universe and need another fix, take the leap and read Black Dossier. It’s a bit of a……hmmm…..different read. There’s some great stuff in there, it’s just not the easiest or most exhilarating read in the world.

  16. This will rock

  17. So.. I’ve never read any of the LoEG books. Should I still get this?

  18. I’d suggest to any new LEAGUE readers that you check out Volume 1 first.  You *can* read this one, but Volume 1 is a great introduction to the concept (and, so far, still the best one).

  19. Why are people complaining about the price?  80 pages with no ads for $8 is a steal.  Most comics now cost $4 for 32 pages, 10 of which are ads.  So for the price of 2 comics, you’re getting almost 4 (granted LoEG would use the full 32, so you’re getting basically 3 and a bit LoEG issues in each of these).  How is this over-priced again?  Sheesh.  The sad thing is, if they made this a 6 issue mini-series with only 32 pages per issue and charged $4, no one would complain, hell it could be a 9 or 10 issue mini-series at $4 each and no one would complain, even though in the end, you’re paying more.  That’s messed up.  There’s no reason for self-righteous price gouging rants in this case.  It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s the sale of the f*cking century.

  20. CGPO – Well said. Couldn’t agree more.

  21. @CGPO

    From iFanboy’s resident cheapass, Bravo! 

  22. @CGPO Agreed, the price is a steal. I’m buying 2, one to board a bag and the other to read. =)

  23. Well, this didn’t show up at my LCS.  Anyone else strike out?

  24. @OddsBodkins:  Yeah, I had the same problem.  Which is dissappointing, because the wait for this book has been really long!  My LCS is expecting it next week, I guess…

  25. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Delayed til next week.  

  26. @Paul The guys at mY LCS said longer. At least two. I wonder what happened, because as far as anyone knew it was supposed to be in this week. 

  27. My feel for you guys, really do.  But I got my copy and I’m as happy as a clam!!

    It was really good.  Almost POTW, but I really enjoyed Seaguy quite a bit this time around.  This book was just gorgeous to look at though.  Nice and sturdy, so it’s going straight up into my bookshelf after I gobble it up a few more times.

  28. Yeah, my comic book shop didn’t get this either, and it didn’t sound like they’d know when they’d get some copies in.  Sucks, but I’m looking forward to reading it when it does come out. 

  29. yeah my store got 1 copy in too, which i quickly grapped up.

  30. God damn it

  31. We had a bunch at my store I wonder what happened?

  32. @edward: Looks like you lost this round.

    But dont worry, there’s always next week 🙂

  33. My shop had more than enough copies.  Perhaps there were some shipping delays to certain areas. 

    And to anyone worried about the price…you get your money’s worth.  It’s 70+ pages of story with no ads.  And it comes it a nice sturdy format.   Stop bitchin’ and buy it. 😉

    @conor: Thanks for the tip.  My shop had the previous trades, so I went ahead and bought all three volumes, along with this issue.  I got me some reading to do.

  34. this book is why i read comics, damn

  35. I think it ain’t going to be in the UK yet. Fingers crossed though…

  36. We didn’t get it here yet, but I’m okay with it. This will give me a chance to go read the original trades first.

  37. My LCS didn’t get it.  boo-urns

  38. My LCS got a lot.  Sorry guys, i wonder what happened…

  39. It’s almost official. If you live in Canada (as I do) you won’t be finding this in your LCS. Crap. Anyone here anything different???

  40. Wow, that was certainly grim. 

    Really enjoyed it, incredible read. It was a certainly a much more subdued pace than most comics, I guess the long format afforded that. I will say I probably spent much too long trying to work out which Three Penny song was which, 😀 although even then I couldn’t quite catch the second to last (anyone?). Didn’t detract in the slightest though. 

    The wait for the next two will be agonizing.

  41. Didn’t get a single copy at my shop. So annoying

  42. @TNC: suck it! my store did get a copy! how do you like them apples?

  43. @edward: *bites into apple* Mmmm Granny Smith apples…

  44. Guess my shoppe didn’t get this as well. They plaster that DC slogan After Watchmen What Next poo poo all over their store but they don’t stock something that actually is written by Alan Moore. Pantaloons!

  45. @CGPO. Nice Lock Stock reference and pun.

  46. @cromulent: i’m not sure what your point is but DC didn’t publish this, TopShelf did

  47. This comic book is really hard to get some say it’s a real rare one.

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