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“FAMILY,” Part Three

Forever, now a “guest” of Family Morray in Mexico, shares a message and ultimatum, and gets to know her opposite number, the Morray Lazarus, Joacquim. In Los Angeles, the Twins continue their plot against their father, using Forever as their pawn.

Story by Greg Rucka
Art by Michael Lark
Cover by Michael Lark

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 6.2%
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Saw the preview for this. So good.

  2. Loving this series.

  3. Liking this so far although I must admit the story is still a bit predictable. I’m giving this an arc (which ends next month I believe) and if I still feel the same way I’ll just trade wait.

  4. you can tell that Rucka is just building shit up. can’t wait to get to the real meat of the story

  5. In for the entire ride.

    Rucka and Lark? Oh, hell yes.

  6. Anyone else feel like they could just reach into that cover and pick up that gun?

    Michael Lark. My man.

  7. Good, but not great. The moments where both of the Lazarus’s were just chatting was the best in my opinion. I still find myself not really caring about this universe and the politics behind them. I feel like we aren’t getting as much character development with Forever and so I am losing interest as a result. Also, the art by Lark felt a bit rough in a lot of places. The panels showing Forever spouting her message to the group looked wonky. The final page, without spoiling it, really shows the issues where it doesn’t even look complete.

    I want to try and get to through the first arc at least but I think it’s looking easy how I’m not down for this in issues anymore.


  8. Its hard to believe that this is only 3 issues in, i feel theres already alot of depth to character and world building already that has happened so far

  9. This was great. The negotiation scene was probably my favorite. Very tense. I’m actually more interested in discovering the rules and customs of this world than I am in the story. Which is a fun change of pace. With Rucka, the story always delivers.

    And Lark? Man that guy is a master. He draws like a storyboard in the best possible way. His layouts read like a film; the pauses and silent panels for exchanging glances, the wide establishing shots, the action at blinding speed. It’s all so fluid, and under any other artist would easily appear mundane.

    So … next issue’s cover … Joacquim’s a cybernetic organism? Interesting.

  10. The pencils didnt really improve over last issue, but the colors looked FANTASTIC. There was still lots of earth tones in this dead world, but some beautiful colors were added to the pallet (the Mexican landscape, the pool scene, the sunset) and it made it a much more enjoyable read than the last issue. The two Lazarus sitting in their “palace” eating fruit looking over the slums was a powerful scene. Reference to the Macao Accords both in story and back matter has me needing to connect some dots. Im in for the first arc and will decide it its for me after that. So far its been engaging and better every issue.

  11. Folks, this is one of the best comics out there. Loving the relationship between the two Lazaruses. Story and art combine perfectly to make this series go down so smooth.

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