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“FAMILY,” Part One

In a dystopian near-future, government is a quaint concept, resources are coveted, and possession is 100% of the law. A handful of Families rule, jealously guarding what they have and exploiting the Waste who struggle to survive in their domains. Forever Carlyle defends her family’s holdings through deception and force as their protector, their Lazarus. Shot dead defending the family home, Forever’s day goes downhill from there….

Story by Greg Rucka
Art by Michael Lark

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.6%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. This should be fantastic. I love these guys when they work together like they did on Gotham Central. There can never be too many post apocalyptic books either. Sounds like a winner already!

  2. Really excited about this. It’s been far too long since I read some Rucka.

  3. The font on the cover alone makes we want to buy the hell out of this book. That Rucka guy also helps.

  4. In a week with pretty much EVERYTHING coming out it’s amazing how this could easily be POTW. Looking forward to this.

  5. This I am really looking forward… expectations are high!!!

  6. Is this limited or ongoing?

  7. Sometimes a creative team just harmonize. Rucka and Lark are one of those examples. I was debating this because I try to keep my list tight, but then it occured to me that it’s a no brainer. I can’t pass it up. If I enjoy it as much as I hope I do, I’ll just drop something else.

    Looking forward to this.

  8. Man, this has been on my pull list forever. I almost don’t believe it’s actually coming out. Rucka and Lark are rockstars. This could be the next Saga.

  9. Some of the advance reviews have made this a must pull now.

  10. Image and Marvel are putting out so many good books that I may have to get a second job

  11. This book is going right to the top of the pile…a very large pile. Anyone else’s pull list super sized this week?

    • Yeah I pulled 19 books this week! and I’m in Australia where the avg cost is $5 per book so do the math…i’m not eating this week although I have lots of cool stuff to read and then cover me while I sleep on a park bench.
      As far as Lazarus goes I read this and Wake #2 first at my local cafe and enjoyed both immensely.

    • too tall a pile. I’m saving some for next week. must be the end of the financial quarter or something… they put all the big $ books out in the same week.

    • Nix that, got it after all. No regrets.

    • It was a big week.

      Summer’s here.

      Bought this and The Wake this week, even though I really meant to buy just one comic book.

    • I think I had between 22 and 25 books. Oh well…I wanted to relax this weekend so I’ll have plenty of good stuff to read.

  12. Wow, the reviews on this book have been amazing. I might have to go to my non-regular, far away shop to get a copy as my store just orders yoru pull list and doesn’t keep extra copies on the shelf; it’s kind of a pain in the ass.

  13. Solid start.

    Interesting, if predictable, setting with a strong female lead. The art by Lark is predictable in that it’s gorgeous to look at. Yet another hit for Image.


  14. Rucka’s storytelling here was crystal clear. The concept is so current and topical. This feels important. Revolutionary, even.

  15. This seemed very familiar to me. The opening sequence especially, I can’t place it though. I did not look at any previews of this so I have no clue why I felt like I had seen this before. Anyone else have this experience? Still have 13 more books in my pile for this week, but do not see how this could not be my pick of the week.

  16. I had no idea about this until my shop-owner recommended it. So glad he did, this was amazing. I’ve loved Lark’s art since his Daredevil stuff and he was on form here. This was the pleasant surprise in what was a big week of comics and earned my POTW with ease. 5/5, I’m on board.

  17. Rucka!

    *shakes fist*

    I was all ready to buy the last issue of Fury: MAX and never return, to close the last short box, to call it quits after forty years.

    “Surely that was the last comic book I’ll ever need to buy….”

    “The public library gets them all eventually, I’ll just make a note in my phone….”

    “Maybe I’ll look for some old Superman trades….”

    And then guys like Rucka and Lark and Snyder and Murphy remind me that there’ll always be something new and great and worth waiting for, that’s just starting or just started or just came out in trade, and that every trip to the comic book store can be the start of something wonderful and new.

    I was so close…


    I’m blaming you.

    OK, and Lark a lot, too.

    *folds new short box into three-dimensionality*

  18. Not a bad first issue. Good artwork.

  19. I’m a little behind and just finished reading this. I’ve been trying out the first issue of several of the latest crop of Image titles. While many of them have been really great, the financial burden required to continue on with every “great” comic means that I rarely wade into the water after dipping in a toe. Right now Saga, Walking Dead, and Manhattan Projects are the only Image books I’m getting monthly.

    Well, I can now add Lazarus to that list. I really connected with this story and NEED to know what happens next. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read this first issue.

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