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  1. I came into this mini-series as a long-time Defenders fan, and although I didn’t know what to expect I had a very positive outlook.  As it turns out, the story is more of a Nighthawk/Initiative story than an old-school defenders tale, but I don’t offer that as a criticism.  And although it’s firmly rooted in current Marvel continuity and hasn’t followed most of the original Defenders characters (with the exception of Nighthawk, other Defenders show up in cameos although it appears that’ll change in the final two issues), it still carries the flavor of the original Defender’s series with the concept of the non-team team.  Each issue has complete story elements, while fronting a more mysterious backstory that is still unfolding.  Every issue has entertained me thoroughly, and kept me looking forward to the next issue.  This just reminds me why I like reading Joe Casey-written comics, and why I’ve always been a Defenders fan.

  2. good comment rwpos …. it is like getting reaquainted with an old friend being a long time defenders fan myself … yandroth was/is a good villain … we need a bit more dr.strange i feel .. but i am loving the use of kyle richmond and the son of satan ….  just to see him at the end upon the chariot and with the new costume was worth the $2.99 on its own!!

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