Review by: ComicsAreCool

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

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Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I love this mini; Ron and I have talked it up on the show.

  2. I’ve been loving this mini-series, too. I just finished reading Vol. 2 the Defenders Marvel Essentials so I’ve been on a Defenders kick for the past couple of months. I like this approach to the non-team team with Nighthawk in the lead. Joe Casey hasn’t disappointed me at all with this storyline.

  3. Count me among those who enjoy the book. I dig it in an old school Marvel kind of way. I think it’s pretty obvious that the whole series is about finding the "last" team and how it relates to the classic team. And i don’t think a lot of mini-series take this tack when approaching story, so I think it’s pretty unique.


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