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  1. Blazing Skull? That’s ghost rider right, or are they alking about someone else?

  2. They’re talking about someone else.

  3. Blazing Skull is a golden age marvel hero.


  4. I’m giving this a shot cause I love Shulkie and Colossus

  5. Is this in continuity?  I’m so confused.


  6. who wrote this?

  7. O my Gawd..Nighthawks still around !!!

  8. I was not impressed

  9. @PatK: Golden Age hero last seen in <a href="">New Invaders</a>.

    @CleophusWayne: Joe Casey, so you know Josh’ll talk about it on the show. ;-p

  10. Before I read this issue I had a feeling that this would turn out to be a mini worth watching.  After reading the first issue I feel like I was wrong.  I have no idea what was going on in this book.  Not picking it up again.

  11. If it weren’t a mini-series, I wouldn’t give this series a second look. I don’t understand the team line-up, can’t grasp the characters’ motivations, and completely fail to see the connection with other Defenders books. The art is disappointing as well. Still, I’m enough of a sucker to buy issue #2, just in case.

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