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  1. is anyone expecting much from this? 
    this is a rare case of me trying a book because i like the character…  i’m not familiar with the creative team at all…

  2. I think Chris Batista did some work on Countdown that wasn’t very good. I liked the preview pages so im on board.

  3. why do i love that dorky characer so much?

  4. Cause his powers are awesome?

  5. @BrandonP: Chris Batista was one of the many fantastic artists to draw the equally fantastic 52. Not the somewhat disappointing Countdown.

  6. I’m on bored mainly because I’ve just recently been going through the three Animal Man trades by Grant Morrison and really digging them, I have my reservations about this though 😛

  7. @edward: because we identify with them.


    I’m with Brian here, although I’m still debating on picking up because Morrison isn’t writing it. Wouldn’t that be grand if Morrison came back to AM? If that were to happen, it might just rival that of The Dark Knight Returns. 

  8. Never did like Morrison’s Animal Man, but I love the character….so I’m picking this up. I hope that its just straight up super hero stuff, not mind numbing Morrison like story telling.

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