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The countdown continues! With only a few days left to pull off the last great crime in American history, the tension mounts as secrets and double crosses are revealed. While trained killer Kevin Cash goes to retrieve an important component to the heist, his girlfriend Shelby seduces Graham Bricke as they deal with their own set of problems. Left-for-dead gangster Enrique is looking for revenge along with two mysterious cops that are following their every move. With Shelby kidnapped by Enrique’s Mexican gang, can Graham rescue her before time runs out?

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Greg Tocchini
Cover: Alex Maleev, Greg Tocchini

Price: $4.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Ah, here we are

  2. I gotta be honest.  I was beginning to question whether we would ever see this.

  3. I’m still wondering if I should continue to care enough to buy this…

  4. Remender talks a very very big game. Like he thinks everything he puts out is the second comig of alan moore… then the issue comes out and it on the same level of Crank 2: High Voltage…. Then i think why doesn’t he just say it’s a comic about chicks being bang in bar bathrooms

    But seriously, the first issue was a really nice little package

  5. @edward – I agree. This is a nice story. But the art makes it what it is. Remender knows though, he said so.

  6. It would have been cool if this had just been putout as HC full trade. I would totally buy it like that. That said, I am getting the issues and they’re beautiful.

  7. glad to see it out finally. 

  8. I re read the first issue last night and really am excited for this. I love the packaging of the issues and, although i would like it monthly, a bi monthly release is more than acceptable for all the work put into the huge issue. 

  9. If only it was released on a bi-monthly schedule…

    American Crime has been okay so far. It might make an okay movie, but then again Remender has two more issues to wow me. We shall see.

  10. n00b question, but how does one write a review for this book? 

  11. Click on "Your Comics," top right and click on the "Write Review" button beneath the comic’s listing.

  12. I just brought this book home. And was looking through it. The art and printing looks amazing.

    The biding and production is pretty sloppy. Every copy at the store (and they had a BIG stack) had covers that were too small for the front of the book, meaning there was a sliver of page coming through the cover. Even the type on the spine is different than the first issue. Am I being harsh? Is it really that hard for a smaller publisher to get good production value? This is my first time buying a Radical product…a bit disappointed in the production value. 

    If you’re gonna ask people to pay $5 per issue it should be produced nicely…Thats how i feel about it. 

    btw. Thanks ottobott. I didn’t expect it there. I was looking on this page. 


  13. @Wally

    The production looks amazing. They went with plain tradestock instead of glossy like the first.

    Value wise, it’s pretty freaking great. For $1 than the average 22 pages of story with 10 pages of ads Marvel book with a basic cover and no binding, you get 48 pages of story, another 16 of extras, full on binding, no ads, gorgeous tradestock non glossy cover. The cover is a centimeter too small but for $5, I don’t think you can ask for more.

  14. @NawidA. I agree with you on the quality of the art and printing. With today’s technology and the competition out there, i tend to expect the best in quality when i buy things. The cover being too small was a disappointment and for all the care they put into the issue, its a shame that they couldn’t get it 100% right. 

  15. The spine on my copy of #2 was the same type and layout as my #1, and the very minor size difference on the right edge of the cover was similar with both #1 and 2 as well (issue #1 was black-on-black so it was even less noticable). And my feeling is that it’s a high quality production job. And the story/art was pretty amazing too! It was another entertaining ride! The time between issues isn’t a concern for me, although as an eager fan I’d love to have had the whole story at once as a done-in-one graphic novel too.

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