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  1. It says something that Matt Fraction, one of the industry’s best new(ish) writers, likes this. But why, pray tell, does need a reprinting? How many people are really going to throw $5.99 at a one-shot? Don’t say "because it’s Morrison." Should I be reading this? If so, why?

  2. I for one, as a huge morrison fan, am really looking forward to reading this now that i finally have a chance.

  3. This is fucking amazing! One of Morrison best and the art is amazing too! Where has Philip Bond gone?!?

  4. I bought the first printing back in the day and I think even then it was $4.99 or $5.99, so the price for 64 pages doesnt’ seem odd. This book came out around the same time as his first issues of Invisibles came out so it has that kind of vibe, but without the magic (the story is magic, but is not about anything magic). I think this is one of his best books. The combo of his words and Phillip Bonds art is outstanding. Also, it may have had a small print run originally and is probably harder to find in the back issues. I’m actually surprised it took Vertigo this long to reprint it. 

  5. KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND is really fun.  It’s worth it for the art alone.

  6. dude, i’m all over this. i read a friend’s copy about 3 years ago… it’s very good. 

     @ J4k3, basically it’s all in the title. It’s a story about teen rebelliousness, a girl tries x for the first time and it changes her life (i hope that’s not a spoiler). Morrison captures the insanity of what a teenage idea of adult freedom is. Bond is good as well, his art is a combination of kitchen sink drama and jack kirby… i really like this

  7. I have always wanted to read this! Hopefully I will get to read Zenith soon.

  8. YEEESSS!!! i thot they would never reprint it! oooo happy day!

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