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THIS IS IT!!! The final confrontation as KICK-ASS and HIT GIRL test their mettle. Bodies will fly and bad guys will die as the biggest surprise hit super hero comic of the twenty-first century reaches shocking new heights! Who will live? Who will be morally outraged? MARK MILLAR (WOLVERINE: OLD MAN LOGAN) and JOHN ROMITA JR. (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) know the answers – and they hold NOTHING BACK in what’s sure to be the most talked-about single issue of the year!

WRITER: Mark Millar
PENCILS: John Romita Jr.
COLORED BY: Dean White
COVER BY: John Romita Jr

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 8.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Glad they made it before the movie comes out. Will this be an ongoing?

  2. Finally.

  3. My comic is finally done!  It’s going to be AWESOME!!  You won’t believe what you’ll read here!!

    Next up, the movie of my life!!!

  4. Oh god it’s here.  Can someone pinch me.. i think i’m dreaming.  I’m really excited about the talks of a sequel for the book.. but the breaks in between are killer

  5. Anyone know when the hardcover comes out?  I’ve been waiting on that think for months now.

  6. Excited for this but the delays were ridiculous!

  7. @Slockhart-Feb 2

  8. @slockhart- sorry Feb 17

  9. Yay!!! This means i can finally get that fucking hardcover/trade!

  10. "This is it"  lol.  This has taken way too fucking long to release and its totally taken most of the momentum away from this series.  Thank Christ almighty I don’t have to wait for this shit anymore.


    All irony aside, I’m pretty excited. Just hope Millar can respect his fans and not put them through god-awful delays the next time around.

  12. @tittom Next time i want him to pull what kevin smith has done with the last two batman mini’s and the green hornet, turning in all the scripts at once. it worked wonders. god knows JRJR’s can crank out a monthly book if he has the scripts on time

  13. @RoiVampire – JRJR drew about 16 Spider-Man comics last year.  That’s why this was slow.

  14. Once again, I LOVE solicits that start out with the sentence "THIS IS IT!"

    If I was in charge of solicits at Marvel or DC, there would randomly be a week where EVERY solicit started out that way. And then I would be fired.

  15. I wonder what the delays have been, as JRJR is known as being a pretty fast artist.  I wonder if Millar made any changes based on script changes for the movie.  Hmmm…

  16. Guys, I need help. I want to buy this but should I wait for the trade/HC?

  17. @nathan Unlike the actual series, I believe this should be out on time. I’d wait, if you don’t have the other 7 issues.

  18. @Nathan might as well wait

  19. 8 issues in a little less than 2 years

  20. Trade waiting any mark millar mini from now on.

  21. Do…will the plot kick in this issue then?

  22. This is a case where in the time this began and now I have matured enough to no longer enjoy Millar’s work. Yet I will buy it to see how it ends.

    Yep, I am an idiot.

  23. so i heard this was late or something?

    thoughts, feelings, comments?

  24. I have a feeling this long awaited issue will … kick ass.


  25. So it took a while to come out… DEAL WITH IT.

  26. @vadamowens, @Peterparker18102 : thanks guys.

    Does anyone know the price of the collected edition?

    @CaptainSweatpants : say hello to Sheldon, Leonard, Wolowitz, Raj, and Stuart for me, please!

    and tell Penny I love her! 

  27. Well Fuckin’ Plastic!

  28. @nathan $24.99 for the HC that’s solicited for February release.  You can normally get this info on the actual sites (,, etc.) for future reference.

  29. @WadeWilson-This little girl walked up to me on the street and asked me if this issue would be good. I said "Are you kidding? This is going to be a hit, girl."

    *more crickets*

  30. @drakedangerz- My dad phoned me up & asked me if I thought anything major would happen in this weeks Kick Ass (which was odd because he doesn’t read comics) & I retorted: "Yeah, it’s gonna be big, Daddy."

    *tumbleweed rolls by the chirping crickets* 

  31. I was just talking to my father the other day. I told him, "This is going to be big, daddy."

    *accidentally steps on crickets mid-crick, killing both them and the joke*

  32. So, my two mates were arguing about Kick Ass & the dude named Red got so mad he threw his issue at the other guy, but didn’t hit him. Red missed. (Red Mist)

    *cricket vomits on it’s own chest in disgust then bursts into flames* 

  33. urgh…….

  34. @WadeWilson – Holy shit that is hilarious!  You really are…Deadpool!


  35. I used to like this title but dropped it because it was plagued with delays, like most Millar stuff.  I’ll probably pick up a collected edition before the movie comes out. A friend of mine said he would read this but he couldn’t quit playing his video game. You know, the one where you become a Big Daddy.

    *one person slow claps, followed by a gun shot… a loud thud to the floor… then crickets.

  36. I want to know how the fuck can a comic start coming out over 2 years ago and then BARELY finish before a movie version is completely shot and ready to be released?  What were they doing???  The only thing I can think of was the delays were simply stalling to have it come out closer to the movies release???

  37. @Hawkboy-Stuff happens.

  38. Oh well, that explains it. 😉

  39. oh you guys.

  40. @Hawkboy- I blame Al-Queda.

  41. @WadeWilson  As always with situations like this, minor annoyances in my life, I blame Russel Crowe. It’s never steered me wrong yet.

  42. @wadewilson Are you secretely Sean Hannity?

  43. My store isn’t getting it until Friday…..

  44. @Bryce You’ve waited this long…….


    Also, this issue was sooo much fun.  Sooo much fun. 

  45. i giggled throughout the whole issue. fun read

  46. My lcs told me that millar has been really sick so I may feel a little bad about complaining so much

  47. This was hilarious. I just ran with it the whole time and thoroughly enjoyed the issue. 

  48. Loved it. KICK ASS.  

  49. Ah, an all around positive response to my comic book…


  50. @KickAss: why do you keep calling this your comic book? Are you Mark Millar or JRJr?

  51. @deadspace-His username is "Kick Ass" and thus thinks that it is clever to act as if he is the character in the comic. It’s sad. Just ignore him.

  52. Oh.

  53. I’ve really enjoyed every issue of kick-ass so far but this one felt weak.  No surprises, just straight forward resolution.  I was expecting a major twist and instead the thing that stands out in my mind is a 10 yr. old using pcp, hrmmm.  3/5

  54. Millar has gone to the "shock well" once to often. This book finished like a angsty little kids wet dream.

  55. I enjoyed most of the previous issues except this one.  It ended with a thud.  The art looked a little rushed too.  At least they got it out before the movie.

  56. ^I agree. (Except I thought the art was as good as ever.)

    I liked the whole series, but…either the gimmicks finally wore thin for me, or else Millar wiffed on the ending. Everything seemed too predictable, right down to the girl’s response when Kick-Ass tells her he isn’t gay and really likes her

    Also, I just noticed that all of the characters in this series are really ugly, horrible human beings. Hit-Girl is a brutal murderer. Does she kill bad guys? Yeah, but she’s still about as noble as Jabba the Hut. So when you try to pull my heartstrings with "My dad died" after I’ve just seen her MURDER 30 people, I don’t care. Even the protagonist: he’s a shallow dude. Why does he even like that girl? He says he "loves" her? That’s an insult to human emotion, to call that "love". But Millar can’t leave well enough alone and let a crush be a "crush"–he has to put down that the character feels "love", because that’s the bigger emotion. For Millar, everything bigger is supposedly always better.

    Overall, I liked the series, but I thought it tried too hard at the end. It should be content with its superficiality–which is fun to read–instead of trying to do things like up the violence EVEN MORE and make Hit-Girl really sympathetic (she’s a brainwashed murderer).

  57. @flapjaxx Dexter is a sociopathic murderer that can still function in society.  Why can’t she?

  58. I’ve come to really like JRJR in the last little while, so I’ll pick up this HC.  I hope I like it!

  59. @flapjaxx  when you’re in high school sometimes you think crushes are love because you have no experience and nothing to gauge it with. i didn’t have a problem with that at all. to him that is love right there.

  60. @ Flappy said "Everything seemed too predictable, right down to the girl’s response when Kick-Ass tells her he isn’t gay and really likes her"

    Millar was fighting the cliche of every other comic book you read where heroes triumph and get the girl.  For the record, this is actually what happened to me.  And it’s indeed shocking when the girl you love sends you a pic of her s****** a B**** man’s D***!

  61. Great issue…but my mind boggles at the idea that a live action movie could do the scene where Hit Girl is on the receiving end.

    ASS KICKED!  Well done creators.

    The only thing cooler than Peter Krauss posting on the Irredeemable page is us actually havin KICK ASS himself on our board.  I for one am honored!  But be careful KA, I’m a little worried about your family…and a little creeped out that you whacked it to that picture through your wimpy tears.

  62. ug, what a waste of paper. money. 2 years of my life. sort of cool though. 3/5 estrellas

  63. @DenverDave-It’s a waste of paper, money and time and yet you still give it 3/5 stars? That is confusing, good sir! 

  64. @vadamowens- No idea who Sean Hannity is … so I don’t know if that’s a compliment or an insult (?) … so … *awkward silence*

    I was kinda disappointed by this issue. I liked the whole series up until this, mainly because of the funny, but this issue hardly made me laugh. I did like the first half, the bloody battle with the flame-thrower, sticks. meat cleavers & guns & the call back to the tunk joke, but I wasn’t into the second half or the ending. Didn’t like the wrap-up & would have liked a bit more of a bang of an ending.

    My favourite line: "It’s fucking clobbering time!" 

  65. I’m with Wade on this one. I absolutely loved the 7 issues prior to this but this one fell a bit flat for me. There were a few giggles but overall, meh. It was an ok issue, not a great ending. And noob question here: who was the quote referencing at the end? The Joker?

    I feel kinda disappointed. Before this issue I woulda pushed this book onto other people to read and now I’m not so sure. Bums. 

  66. I don’t really get the ending.  It’s an obvious reference to Jack Nicholson’s Joker, but who the hell is the character?  Is it Red Mist / Chris in an updated costume?


  67. @wade I was kidding because Sean Hannity is a bombastic news analyst on Fox News.  He inadvertently seems to often blame things on Al-Queda.

  68. @deadspace: The quote at the end was a line that The Joker said in the 1989 Batman movie.

  69. It said he got laid but didn’t elaborate. I suppose more info in book 2, but I’m seriously not holding my breath.

    I never thought I said this but I really love that character Hit-girl. She’s something else altogether. Amazing how it only took that sensitive side of herself to surface for this character to be 3 dimensional.

    Hmm… I guess Millar or an associate of his goes on  

    @drakedangerz: leave KickAss alone. It’s comics, and everyone has their own way of enjoying them.

  70. @WadeWilson – dissappointed by the final battle….wha-huh?  You’ve got to be kidding, that battle royale was totally awesome!  Loved Red Mist biting it in two pages.  Not enough scrotum-bound bullets for you?

  71. @Urthona- Nope, not disappointed with the final battle, I said I liked the first half of the book — which is where the battle was. I was disappointed with the second half of the book, the ending to the story. It was kind of a nothing ending. For a series with such funny moments I thought the ending would have been something better, like a punchline to the whole joke.

    You know what would  have totally fit the tone of this book (even though it wouldn’t happen, because it would lose future cash) — is if Kick Ass died at the end. In a funny way.

  72. I honestly didn’t care how long it took for it to come all, because when it did… it was well worth the wait. If there is going to be a Book 2, I wonder if they’ll wait until the movie is released, it’ll push up sales.

  73. Having a hard time judging whether this was a good or a bad ending because I felt really let down by it.

    Primarily Hit Girl’s wrap-up. I think I’d rather she have died than end up the way she did. I expected more for her than to end up forced back into a typical little girl role.

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