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The sequel to the New York Times best-selling comic–which spawned the hit movie–continues! When Dave Lizewski put on his mask and became Kick-Ass, he never imagined things would go this far. Now Dave comes face-to-face with a world he helped bring about, as his dreams of a world of superheroes come true…but will those dreams turn to nightmares? Don’t miss the comic book event of the year! Plus: Hit-Girl!


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  1. Judging from the two previews from CLINT magazine, it seems Kick Ass 2 could read a little differently to how we all remember. Unless of course you remember the movie and how all those characters spoke and then it will read exactly how your remember it

  2. I have a lot of really negative, snarky, cynical comments for this one, but I really am hoping that it can be as good as the first one.

  3. trade waiting. no chance i’m taking the bait here. 

  4. @jobob247 ditto

  5. i third that.

  6. So what do people think of the movie now all the hype died down? It wasn’t good, right? 

  7. @edward I enjoyed it enough, for what it’s worth. But I also thought the main punch of the comic was sanitized right out of the film and the comic had a much more logical narrative structure. The film wasn’t better then the book, IMO, so if you hated the book, I can’t imagine the movie being much better for you.

  8. @edward i loved it, bought the blu ray. there were some changes but for the medium of film they all made sense

  9. So happy they dropped the BALLS TO THE WALL sub title. Seriously, that shit was awful.

  10. Also, I would trade wait on this but I somewhat believe in 2012 and want to at least know SOME of the story before we all die!

  11. Not to change the whole topic of the thread but after seeing Kick-ass on DVD i really thought the film had huge areas of very very dull film making. The character’s didn’t engage and i ultimately found it to be boring….. and this is a action movie we’re talking about  

  12. Besides Dark Knight, Kickass is probably my favorite comic book movie. It was just violent enough and just corny enough to make it completely awesome. 

  13. @edward: Still very, very good. Still better than the comic.

  14. Really? let’s agree to disagree. I really thought it was a very weak film. I rented the DVD to watch with some non-comic fan friends… They weren’t very impressed 

  15. @conor: That’s literally the first time I’ve heard someone say the movie was better than the comic.

    I’ve not seen the movie. Maybe it is good, but every preview/review I saw of it turned me off. It seems like the Kick-Ass 2 comic is more a sequel to the movie than the first comic series. Still, I’ll try the first issue of it. 

  16. @froggulper: Josh, Ron and I all said the same on the podcast we did on the film.

  17. @conor, but you still enjoyed the comic right?

  18. I’ve decided to trade wait as well. How many issues is this gonna be? Is it gonna be quarterly?

  19. @Suicicalkangarooz: Yes, very much.

  20. I enjoyed both the comic and the movie, but liked the movie much more. The comic had a bit too much of a cynical bite for me at times.

  21. The comic was WAY better.

    It had an actual tragic message or moral; i.e., if you do stupid violent stuff, you’re get the shit kick out of you.

    The movie was ridiculous without self awareness, it’s message was, in this sit-com like hyper reality, you’re special and unique, everything will work out for you despite you’re weird awkwardness and anti-social behaviour. 

  22. @Ed – completely agreed.

  23. Gotta side with edward on this one.   The movie made the same mistake that Watchmen did, which was muck up the last 30 minutes. 

    Lookin forward to this mini, no doubt.  I wonder if walking dead will be at 100 by the time I read the last one though.

  24. Also, on the preview Marvel released, it said JRjr was responsible for breakdowns and another chap (I forget who) did "finishes and ink washes." I think this’ll be the first time I’ve seen JRjr do "breakdowns." 

  25. I really enjoyed the movie. Thought it was great.

  26. My biography continues!

  27. I cant believe there are actually people that liked the film more than the comic

  28. I liked both the comic, and the film. I’ll buy this also.

  29. Just not interested in the whole you can still be a superhero and kick criminal butts even though you do not have superpowers concept. This was probably the only time I enjoyed JRJR artwork here. I will be picking up this series just to see how it goes.


    Eh film was okay. Book is still better.

  30. Can we just contend that the film and book were very different? I enjoyed the film as a funny action movie and I enjoyed the book for the reasons that Edward stated above.

  31. I’m looking forward to this.  I like Millar’s stuff.  There’s really no such thing as bad publicity and for a $2.99 book, it’s worth picking up for the names and characters only!

  32. I liked both the comic and the film. I bought the Blu-Ray, fer crying out loud. But there were three things that I disliked about the movie:

    1. The secret item in the wooden crate (trying not to spoil) was dumb. Too over the top.

    2. The relationship with Katie turning out differently that the comic.

    3. Nick Cage blows. Seriously. He either has the best agent on the planet, or he made a deal with Satan.

    I am definitely in for part 2!

  33. Buy it or miss out.

  34. @kennyg, I actually thought that Nick Cage is one of the few things that were better in the movie. He was great as Big Daddy (who doesn’t really do much in the comic) and the movie was much funnier.

  35. Yeah Cage was badass, channeling Adam West as Big Daddy was genius

  36. I loved Nick Cage in the movie. The only thing I hated was how he got the girl and everything. I think that how the comic handled it would have played out great on the big screen.

  37. I enjoyed the comic a lot but LOVED the film

  38. @suicidalkangarooz: re: Nick Cage is one of the few things that were better in the movie.

    GOOD CALL! Babydoll!

  39. As far as the movie and the book go, I enjoyed both.  While the movie took a kind of dramatic turn in the middle away from the comic, I loved the comic for its realistic take on heroes, and I enjoyed the movie for just the sheer insanity.  As far as two goes, can’t wait, if it sucks i’ll be terribly dissapointed, well see if the sequal can live up.

  40. I stood with this book in my hand for about five minutes at my LCS today, finally decided it was better to trade wait this.

  41. How ’bout that Ron qoute on the back cover of the issue. It’s worded as if it’s begging to be quoted on a cover 🙂

  42. Yeah I think it will be a better read in a hardcover/trade paperback.

  43. I did the same thing as @mustbedamned I usually don’t buy things twice and I think would rather have this in trade.

  44. My problem with the movie was that all the best parts of the comic (ultra violence & twisted humour) were left out … Oh, & Nick Cage doing an Adam West impression was beyond retarded.

    As for this comic – it’s kinda off to a soft/slow start, but I have faith in Mr Millar to ramp it up!!

  45. 1. The secret item in the wooden crate (trying not to spoil) was dumb. Too over the top.

    2. The relationship with Katie turning out differently that the comic.

     Exactly right.  Book was better.

    I enjoyed Kick Ass II #1 well enough.  I really do enjoy this "universe" and I love love love the art.


  46. I loved the part with Dr. Gravity and I think the book is perfect when it’s doing things like that. The rest of it was so eh though. The art was fantastic however.

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