“Kingdom Coming” concludes as Magog, the Justice Society of America and the JSA All-Stars are forced back together when all signs point to the events of KINGDOM COME coming to pass! But Magog refuses to rejoin either team and finds himself fighting for his life AGAINST the JSA!

Art and Cover by SCOTT KOLINS

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  1. I feel like "Kingdom Come" gets so overused when referring to JSA.  It was a great story and everything that tried to capitalize on it fell short to me.  I’ll check this out in the store, but highly doubtful I’ll pick it up.  It’s also a writer/artist combo.  Now, if this one shot were written by Johns, I’d be all over it.

  2. Johns’s Thy Kindome Come mega arc was a fine sequel to the the original.

  3. I guess this "Kingdom Coming" storyline that is concluding is a storyline that’s been going on in All-Stars, so I’m not sure if I need to read it.  (Since I dropped AllStars months ago.)  I think I’ll also give it a flip & see. I could care less about Magog, but love all the other characters.

  4. Yeah this had me confused at first since I’m not reading All Stars. But to be honest I might pick it up just to read some JSA that isn’t written by Robinson. Thank God that crossover is done.

  5. Hmm, no, this doesn’t sound like a continuation of any storyline in All Stars. Maybe a continuation of the Magog book, since he left All Stars a long time ago. 

  6. @zattaric:  thanks for clearing up that it’s been in JSA All Stars / Magog, I feel no need to buy this now as I dropped both months ago… of course the fact that it’s a Magog storyline was pretty much reason enough not to buy it…

  7. This is the last chapter of Kollins’ run on magog.  The book got cancelled before he could wrap it up.  It actually was pretty good compared to Giffen’s work on the title.  It’s still about Magog though…

  8. I had no idea what was going on in this book. It really needed a recap page or something.

  9. Kingdom Come was a great series, but it should not have been revisited in JSA — especially as long as it lasted. That was the first big misstep by Geoff Johns. Frankly, the JSA has been lacking ever since.

  10. I’ve never wanted my $5 (plus the exchange rate) back more than right now….

  11. Agreed g0ofgnewt.

    This was awful.  I understand that I wasn’t reading All Stars and that probably took away from the story but this wasn’t a fun read.  It was all over the place and I struggled to get through the entire issue.  Just some bad Scott Kolins.

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