Reflecting developments in both MAGOG and JSA ALL-STARS this month, Magog finds himself the odd man out during a massive escape from Haven – and his own team thinks he’s somehow responsible for the prison break! Turns out, Magog may have exposed one of the DC Universe’s biggest cover-ups! Featuring 56 pages of thrilling JSA adventure from writers Keith Giffen and Matthew Sturges and artist Tom Derenick.

Written by Keith Giffen and Matthew Sturges
Art by Tom Derenick
Cover by Freddie Williams II

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  1. Do we really need another JSA Annual?  

  2. Sure, why not? The last one was in 2008 so it’s not like they are cramming these down our throats. Annuals used to be a yearly event.

  3. Oh yeah?  I thought the Kingdom Come one was in 2009.  I guess I’m just liking the older JSA team and just am not vibing with Magog.  I like PowerGirl too, but she’s just written so differently here than in her own book.

  4. @misterckent: That was a special, not an annual.

  5. Gosh,  there are so many heroes that I want to weed out of the JSA and just get it back to one book.

  6. I’m wondering whether this will be more All Star heavy or regular JSA.  I’ve really enjoyed the last two issues of JSA, but am passing on All Stars.  Depending on how this looks, I may pick it up

  7. @OwlyFan

    the  two writers are Sturges (JSA All Stars) and Giffen (Magog), so it’ll be surprising if Willinghams charges in JSA appear that much.

  8. OK, it’s official, I’m starting a no-Magog policy. Looking at the solicits it looks like JSA-AS 3 might be the last issue with Magog for a while….if not I’m dropping it. 

  9. This makes me glad I’ve stopped reading the JSA books.  Sad that I don’t like them anymore, but glad I can avoid Magog and his super suck factor.  I actually thought he was really cool in Kingdom Come, he was totally the epitome of the Image/Iron/Dark Age of comics, but the character is just so lame now.

  10. Just finished reading this and was pretty happy.  Nice art, a good drawn out fight, and some interesting developments that may have some repurcussions down the road.

  11. My main problem with all the JSA books now is the tone of all the characters is just too different from Geoff John’s run on the JSA that I am not sure what I am reading.  It just seems like a lot of forced anger between the members and no concept of the family theme Johns hit on so much.

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