The first chapter in the JSA’s new mission may be brought to a premature end as Scythe returns, bringing Chaos to the streets of the Society’s newly rebuilt Supertown! Luckily, the heroes’ new society is drawing the right kind of help to the fledgling city – including the return of a fallen colleague!

Art and cover by SCOTT KOLINS

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  1. There’s been some serious threats in this arc.  Looking forward to issue 50.  Aside from Supergirl, this is the book I’ve been picking up since #1.

  2. That might be the ugliest costume I have ever seen in my life.

    What has Guggenheim/Kolins done to Alan Scott and how can we fix this?

  3. Yeah that costume is pretty bad. I can handle it for a little bit but let’s hope the creative team intend 4 it 2 be temporary

  4. I have been here since book #1 and may of the other JSA books for quiet awhile and right now I feel it is coming up short in the potential category! There seems to be less character interaction and the same threats for the last few issues and nothing is coming of it? What ever the hell is on the cover I agree with you all it needs to be STOPPED!!!!!!!!


  5. Wait… THAT’S Alan Scott?!?!?! Oh, JSA. What have these mad men done to you?

  6. I love this book, and I think the new team is really turning this around. But man that is the worst costume design I have seen in a long time.

  7. I hope the costume, as well as Alan’s paralysis, is temporary. But I think things are heading in the right direction. SO glad they didn’t kill of Jay Garrick. And I hope that the cancellation of JSA All-Stars will cause the younger members to be folded back in. Sure, it’s a HUGE cast, but with the right core members and a rotating cast of minor characters, this can regain its former greatness.

  8. One additional thing – is anyone else perturbed by how Alan is represented in here vs. how he is in JLA and other books where he’s essentially bed-ridden and unable to do anything other than keep the Starheart in check? What did I miss?

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