With this all-new creative team comes all-new terror! The United States is attacked by a lone mysterious warrior who’s escaped from a super-secret government holding tank! The Justice Society races to Washington, D.C. to neutralize the threat and find themselves at the heart of a catastrophe that will redefine justice, the society AND America!

Don’t miss this stunning start to the run from Marc Guggenheim (Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine) and Scott Kolins (FLASH, SOLOMON GRUNDY) as they take on the new adventures of the JSA!


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  1. I’m trying to stay loyal JSA.  It’s a heavy week, so don’t disappoint!

  2. I really stopped paying attention to this book once Willingham got on the book (I think he’s one of those writers that’s really only good on their own, creative-owned titles and nothing else), but the premise for this sounds interesting. I’m game. 🙂

  3. I’ll check this out now that the dread shadow of Willingham is off this book. That first issue was a  nightmare. I still don’t know why Eric Trautman is on this book.

  4. I left a few issues after the split.  The split seemed forced and actually uncharacteristic… not to mention the stories just bored me.  I like Guggenheim and am hoping that he will show that someone other than Johns can write a compelling JSA ongoing.

  5. I’m in for at least one issue. I miss the Johns run so bad =(.


    Scott Kolins though…w00t

  6. Definitely checking this out because of the creative team.  I’ve liked most of Guggenheim’s stuff, and I adore Kolins’ art.  I’m interested to see more of his newer style.

  7. Oh, my comment should read "I don’t know why Eric Trautman ISN’T on this book." I absolutely loved his take on the JSA in JSA vs. Kobra.

  8. I hope this is good.

  9. I pulled this at the last minute…a part of me hopes it’s good but there’s another part that doest want to start picking up a new book.

  10. I really liked this ish. Maybe it’s just a sigh of relief now that Robinson is far away from the JSA and that godawful crossover is finally finished, but I thought this was really exciting.

    Seeing a tried and true team like this JSA up against a threat they truly cannot defeat is always awesome, and it’s something I feel doesn’t happen enough anymore. I’ve never been a big fan of Guggenheim but this was really well paced, and you can tell he has a strong idea of where he wants to go with this. The ending with Alan in the hospital really had me wanting to read the next issue immediately.

    I seems to me that Kolins is finally starting to get a grip on this new style he’s been playing with. This stuff was pretty solid. I’ve been on iFanboy for a year now and I don’t think I’ve ever made JSA my POTW. First time for everything.

  11. This was ok, Kolins is an amazing artist no doubt. The story was all right, but the problem is that I want the whole team together. It felt like I was reading a book with half it’s cast. And the time stamping is just an annoying story telling tool. And all of the terrorist references made this book feel a little…right leaning.

  12. As noted by others, the dynamic between Jay Garrick and Alan Scott here was spot on. A lot of what has made the difference between the great JSA material and the ok or bad has been the team dynamic as often exemplified in the dialog. Without that dynamic the team doesn’t gel, at least among the three remaining originals, the way it should based on its age. 

    I am looking forward to seeing what happens as the other team members are slowly introduced as Guggenheim suggested in interviews. Kolins painterly style works well for the JSA in both the squareness of the body structures and the kind of grey and color washes both evoking a neo-golden age look that should fit JSA if no other book in the DCU. Did anyone else feel like his take on the JSA improved markedly since the controversial JSA/MAGOG special a few months ago? To me that seemed a bit rushed art wise, which makes sense having to trim a five part story into two issues and an oversized special.


  13. The art didn’t do it for me at all. His rendition of Mr. Terrific always had his teeth gritting, it was like 1990 Rob Liefeld.

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