The Fourth Reich’s Darkness Engine is turned against them in the powerless JSA’s last-ditch attack on the Nazi Empire! As the future looks its darkest, a lost teammate returns who just might give the heroes an advantage they need!


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  1. This is is the JSA that I liked.  Bill Willingham has always done well with the larger ensembles.  And I really liked Shadowpact (only one?!).

  2. Wow, still with the Nazis? I liked this story, but it seems to have gone on and on. I bet it reads well collected, though.

  3. @misterckent: Naw, man, I loved Shadowpact.  Give me more Detective Chimp any day. 

  4. what issue did this arc start on?

  5. Is this part of the JLA crossover, or is that not until the next issue?

  6. @ Noto JLA crossover starts next issue. (41).  


    @JimBilly4  I’m with you.  It’s gone one a little too long, but at the same time it was good.  I know that doesn’t make any sense, but oh well.  

  7. I enjoyed some shadow pact and this has been quite a good little elseworlds like story but its still not the jsa book I was reading when johns was on it and I loved that book.

  8. @zattaric That’s what I meant by it reading well collected. I think it was a good story, but it is a little drawn out for a monthly issue format. Part of that is the Elseworlds nature of it. A fun, Fourth Reich tale is awesome, but we know everything in it will be reset back to square 1. That makes it difficult to retain any tension for month after month.

  9. What the hell went on in this issue?

  10. @Ragu73  It felt like a whole lot of catch up.  I’m curious as to if this arc went on longer than anticipated.  

    I’m just glad that Obsidian is back and still gay!!  That joke was too funny! 

  11. Yikes. Story trainwreck as Willingham not only Retcons his entire run to date, but then tries to cram in all the stuff he needs to get in to st up the JSA/JLA crossover. What a mess. And this will not read well in trade.

    And major nitpick: "The Scott household has always been for the Mets" Or something to that effect. The Mets were among the first expansion baseball teams and were founded in 1962. Supposedly Alan Scott comes from WWII days, implying he was born some 40 years before the Mets came into existence. He would have grown up a Yankee, Dodger, or Giants fan. The Giants and Dodgers moved west before the expansion, so Alan could very well have disgusted and picked a new team, especially after the Miracle Mets of 1969, but it would make no sense to say what he did about them. Also, they called the Yankees bums. The Dodgers were famously called Dem Bums before they left Brooklyn, something Scott would have been very familiar with. Maybe a younger generation would call the Yankees bums without blinking, but you would think Alan Scott would have had some trouble with that particular epithet. And praising the Twins for Perserverence? That isn’t even a real baseball cliche (hustle, tenacity, small ball, speedy, consistent, clutch would all be better if equally poor ways to evaluate a baseball team).  If you don’t actually know baseball, please don’t shoehorn it in just to show how American and father-sonly your character are.

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