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  1. I’m having a hard time deciding what to do once this book splits.  Based on what I’ve seen in images & read, the cover shows us how the split will happen. 

    I want to stay with JSA for The Big 3: GL, Flash, Wildcat, +Dr. Midnighter & Mr. Terrific, Plus I feel like I need to support my fellow gay, Obsidian but I might check out JSA All Stars for PG & Star Girl. 

    I really don’t want to add another book.  I might just get my PG fix in her solo book & say good-bye to Star Girl for now.  Oh, well.

  2. I’ve been having a hard time enjoying this book since johns left…guess its dropped now.

  3. I love the writers, but that Annual was horrid!  I love the characters, but hate others.  Really tired of Mr. Teriffic, Magog, and can never really see the difference when Atom Smasher and Damage are around.  Then again, I like Star Girl, PG, Cyclone, Wildcat II, and ‘new’ King Chimera. 


  4. last issue I’ll be buying

  5. I dropped this a few months ago, but from what I’ve heard, the split for the books (this one and the new all-star book) seems kind of contrived. Anyone reading it really enjoying it? I’m curious.

  6. The split does feel contrived, especially because it hasn’t happened yet so it all has to happen in this issue. I was enjoying it, but it is in danger of being dropped.If this issue doesn’t really tie things together and give me a reason to keep reading, I’m out.

  7. I’ve been loving it… though I hope this split doesn’t last too long and it becomes just one title again.  If we have to have another JSA title that is ongoing I would much prefer one like ‘All-Star Squadron’ with tales of the heroes in WWII rather than a new team with Magog as the leader.

  8. I’m still enjoying JSA, but I don’t think I can bring myself to buy JSA All-Stars. I can’t stand Magog, I didn’t like the art in the previews they published, and it’s going to be a 3.99 book with a ‘co-feature’. The fact that the co-feature is Liberty Belle & Hourman, at least to start, is the main thing this book has going for it. 


  10. I am new to the boards, "pulled" this because i didn’t think i could comment otherwise.



    this.  ugh.

    I am enjoying MAGOG (shocking even to me, but Giffen-written titles get a try-out from me always) but he behaves like an ass here. I like the PG solo buy unemployment dictates something has to be dropped (esp now that FF is quite good) and when isaw one of my faves back in action, Dr Fate i thought JSA would be spared but alas- no.

    The same issue that featured the new Doc’s return (btw anyone else notice this but new Dr Fate here and  other there anew sorcerer supreme?) revealed Eclipso to be a hired thug?

    no, sorry but this blows. I’ll support my fellow ‘mos by reading Manhunter (writer) and Rene & Kate’s (character)run on Dectective.

  11. Wasn’t a big fan of this.  Feels like they had this same conversation several times already.  I’m definitely looking forward to the split.  I’ll be sticking with the Dr. Fate storyline.  Magog is VERY annoying and I think I can avoid him in the other title.

  12. I still don’t buy PG and Star going in any direction that isn’t with T, GL, WC, and Flash.

  13. This wasn’t horrible, it just seems it’s taken forever to get to the eventual split.  Then when they finally discuss it, it’s just over a few panels.  If we had saved a few fights/splash pages the past couple issues, we maybe could have heard why each character chose their side.


    I’m leaning towards JSA more than all stars at the end of this, just as I’m more interested in Dr. Fate’s storyline.

  14. Does anyone know if we’re supposed to ignore the what happened to Dr. Fate when he was re-introduced?  I don’t remember the name of the series…House of Mystery?  Journey into Mystery?  But Fate had the half helmet & was a drunk?  Anybody know what I’m talking about?

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