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  1. Wonder where this will go. Still uncertain about my future on this title, which is sad as it is my only DC team book.

  2. Sitting these out, will jump back on for Willingham.

  3. I thought the last issue was very strong. I don’t get all the hate.

  4. @WinTheWonderboy….yeah I dont understand all the negativity. I am more concerned about the next creative team than the current one.  I love Ordway’s stuff and would be just as happy if he stayed on the book.

  5. Heh, I thought The Spectre was Doom at first.

    The last issue was strong, and I’m excited for this one, but I think some people are just skipping this and wanting to get onto the continuation of the main story via Willingham and Sturges.

  6. I just hope this doesn’t go the way of JLA where I keep picking it up hoping this is the storyline that brings it all back. Maybe they can give Ordway the old infinity Inc back after this and erase that smudge they made a few years back. I really want to know what Iron Munroe has been doing all the years other than being Manhunters dad or grandpa.

  7. Probably should have skipped these two issues, oh well. Looking forward to the new team next month.

  8. This was neither great nor terrible. Pretty run of the mill. Nice to see a story that deals with the fake we American killed a hell of a lot of civilians in Japan, but it was handled so callously. Oh well.. 3/5

  9. "Didn’t see that coming!" -Wildcat

    A perfect piece of pop art from master Ordway. Gotta re-read this.

    "Just because a tree falls in the woods with no one ta hear it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen." -Wildcat


  10. I’m just so glad they felt the need to add an editorial box to explain what U.S.C. stood for.  A throwaway arc for sure, and a waste of $6.  

    Can’t wait for Bill Willingham though! 

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