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  1. Hmmm… On the hand, I love the JSA. On the other hand… I’ve really only read them under the hand of Johns for 8 years? Can I put up with Ordway for a month or so? I think so. I really am going to miss the Johns touch on this book though.

  2. For some reason I just can’t get into stories written or drawn by Jerry Ordway. I think I will take a 2 month hiatus and give the Willingham/Sturges take a try.

  3. also considering the brief hiatus, purely for my wallet’s sake.

  4. Even though we will all miss Johns, I say this is still worth giving a chance too. Im probably most exited for this book this week, just to see where it goes from here.

  5. considering Jay and Liberity Bell are a little messed up on the cover, i would say this may be a tie-in with Flash: Rebirth.

  6. I’m going to give Ordway a chance here, it’s only 2 months.

    I really can’t wait for Willingham to start, though.

  7. Ordway, huh?


    … *slowly backs away*

    (Staying on pull list to remind me to flip through it)

  8. What else has Ordway done?  I’m buying it seeming as how its the only book on my pull list this week but I want to know what I’m getting myself into.

  9. @CharlieBlix Gerry Ordway is a prolific comic book artist who also writes. He did fill art on the last issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths. He did the "Power of Shazam" book from the Early 90s. He worked on the Byrne Man of Steel Post-Crisis books. He’s been a bit hit or miss recently, truth told. Still, he’s not exactly an unknown.


  10. I’ve always loved Ordway’s stuff.  I would be more than happy to see him continue on as the regular artist.  I’m more concerned about the promotional art I have seen for the new artist…it looks terrible!!

  11. Jerry Ordway is kind of a big deal in comics.


  12. @conor Thanks I always forget about CBDB.

  13. Ordway’s one of the best artists in comics history AND he has a history with the JSA (he drew the pre-Todd McFarlane issues of Infinity Inc & All-Star Squadron, both of which are worth your time if you’re a JSA fan.). 

  14. This was fine, but it lacked the something special that Johns brought to the table. I suppose I like the characters enough to keep reading, but I’m losing steam.

  15. A solid issue, but not outstanding. I also think I figured out why people didn’t seem to like Ordway’s art on the Shazam arc. If you look at the first page of this issue, it’s colored in a flat, early 80s style compared to those issues and the bulk of this one. It seems that the flat style suits Ordway’s penicls.

    Did anyone else notice the gaping error where the art depicts a middle-aged white man but Courtney mentions something being transfered from "the Asian Man." Definitely lacks the Johns touch, but for a fill in story, it gets the job done. Nice to see a focus on Atom Smasher, too. 

  16. What makes you think the guy wasn’t Asian, PraxJarvin? Not all Asians have black hair. Think about who he was "hosting" in his body and it will start to make sense.

  17. @bookgnome I don’t follow you. Yes I know all Asians don’t have black hair, but the man as drawn does not look Asian to me. He looks a lot like Harvey Bullock though, what with the thick eyebrows and five a clock shadow. There is one panel where it looks like they tried to make him look a little Asian… maybe, but of the 9 panels the man appears in, I never thought "Hey, he’s Asian." As well, his skin tone appears to be similar to that of other White people in the background. I think it was a coloring mistake overall. But there’s really no attempt to accurately render the "innocent bystander" as Asian. 

    As well what do you mean by who he was hosting? I know he was hosting Kung. Quite frankly he doesn’t need to be Asian to do so. He could have been traveling from body-to-body before hand. Just because he was the host doesn’t make him Asian.

  18. I thought this book was pretty average. 2/5 all the way.

  19. The story was okay, but I thought the dialogue was pretty atrocious. I had to force myself to keep reading. It all felt very unnatural and much of it unnecessary. A lot of time wasted on unimportant stuff. It felt like half an issue stretched into a full issue. DC is lucky I’ve already pre-ordered the next issue or two.

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