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  1. love the cover. i cant wait to read this!!

  2. My love of the Marvel Family is kinda creepy….which explains why I loved the first issue of this 🙂

  3. I think I need to pick this issue and the last one up.  Loves Black Adam’s story.

  4. Maybe we’ll get lucky and this story will restore Billy as Capt. Marvel. I don’t understand the direction the Marvel Family’s taken in recent years here.

  5. I hope Billy Batson doesn’t become Captain Marvel again.  I’m one of the few people who actually likes Freddy.

  6. @Kory: I like the progression of the Marvel family a lot as well.  They haven’t really done much with Freddie as Captain Mar–er, Shazam yet.  I’m curious to see more.

  7. I’m also hoping that Billy comes back to its rightful position… But even more than that, I’m hoping for a rekindle of the Billy-Courtney romance that was going on the previous JSA book.

  8. Freddy is an interesting character that I would totally like to see explored more.  I heart his blue costume

  9. You know they’ve done a hell of a lot with Mary Marvel and Black Adam…..But not a lot with Freddy and Billy’s new role.

    We had a great 12 issue mini by Winick to get Freddy to where he is. But DC and the writers sure havent done much to show this change in the Marvel family. I mean they were great in Final Crisis, but outside of that I havent seen much of Freddy.

    Plus: Why hasnt DC revived the Lt. Marvels, Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, Thunder, and Uncle Marvel? What you’ll continue to use Tawky Tawny but not revive those gems?

  10. Wow, what a cover! Loving the Black Adam stuff, can’t get enough (rhyme skillz).

    If DC put out a monthly Black Adam by Tomasi & Mahnke I’d be a happy camper.

  11. Yep, I love me some Black Adam and Isis too. Actually, I’d like to read an ongoing Black Adam/Marvel family comic. 

  12. I would also love a non-Johnny DC(the JDC title is absolutely fantastic BTW) Shazam ongoing comic. The Marvel/Black Adam family are some of the best characters in comics.  

  13. @Wade: I dont know if Mahnke is right for the Marvel family….I’d love to see Eaglesham or Ordway do a Marvel family comic though.

  14. @TNC-If you read the Black Adam mini, it was quite evident that Tomasi and Mahnke would do that character justice.  That would definitly make me want to pick up a Marvel family book

  15. @drake: Oh right, Manhke did do Black Adam mini…..Duh!

    Completely forgot about it, then again so did a lot of people. But yeah fantastic story in that. I gotta stress however, more stuff on Black Adam then the actual Captain Marvel.

  16. This was a horrible issue, mainly cause of the art.

    Look at the huge panel with the Mary Marvel reveal…..and tell me you didnt want to cringe while looking at it.

  17. @TNC I didn’t. 

    Good issue, not exactly as good as last, but nice to see we’re  keeping Ordway’s story in Continuity. More or less, I’m interested to see where this is going. Really big fan of the Billy/Courtney romance.

    However, I will say I was not happy with Matthew Sturges writing on the Omens & Origins backup. He has a decent grasp on Jay Garrick and Wildcat, but it seemed like he had no clue how to write Alan Scott. Also, I don’t remember Cyclon being a college Freshman. I know Courtney is supposed to be, as of "One Year Later." 

  18. I thought this was a fun issue.  Granted I did read it after New Avengers, so that probably made me enjoy it more.

  19. I dont know guys, I just dont see where the ‘fun’ or ‘good’ your seeing in this.

    But now that I learned (on various sites) that Ordway did most of the plot or script for this issue….That explains the awful story I read in here.

    I’m also sorry to say it’s a universal law to say the art was good….I know no one said it was in this thread yet, but Ordway’s art was hideous and cringing to look at.

  20. Still enjoying the story but I have to agree that Ordway’s art wasn’t great. Sometimes he gets that whole "clasic" look right, but here it just looked plain and at times kind of awful.

  21. so billy batson and courtney used to be an item? that’s pretty bloody cute

  22. If I was Geoff Johns I’d have my name removed from the credits. This definitely isn’t a Johns quality story and the art was AWFUL!!! What is this Ordway guy 80 years old or what? Man it hurt to look at his art. It’s like ’70s ’80s art with modern coloring it doesn’t mix at all.

  23. I like my Black Adam a lot more bad ass than he was in this issue (killing whole countries worth of people for revenge etc), he was a little too calm & nice for my tastes.

  24. I liked this issue but it was lacking.  The art for me was hit and miss. some panels were great and others were not far from being something i could’ve done and believe me i am no illustrator. (not saying i could do better either) the overall concepts presented here seem to be setting up for something pretty good. I think that this is what last issue and this one will be is a set up for a bigger more involved story (i hope).

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