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  1. I’m loving this Gog run but…do we seriously need 4-5 more issues of this? Advanced solicitations already show that this wont be over till #22….Really?

    Oh and Ifanboy should be happen that a person from the voice-mail totally called on the whole Gog situation…just like with Captain America.

  2. I can’t wait to see how the Power Girl situation develops.

  3. She’s very developed.

  4. I hope Power Girl does what she does breast…oops I mean best!

  5. She is a fine and powerful specimen of girlhood, is she not?

  6. Is this story in or out of continuity?  Or just sort of shunted to the side until the major events pass by?  I’m loving the whole Kingdom Come run.  

  7. wow on the cover. go the extra mile.

  8. @Crippler – In continuity.

  9. People are actually complaining about this arc?  It’s been perfectly done so far. We all know Gog isn’t what he appears to be, and yet it’s still compelling stuff just waiting for the other shoe to completely drop. I’m loving every bit of this.

  10. That is an awesome cover. I want a poster of it on my wall.

  11. shogunt — Dude, it’s the internet, people would complain if you gave them free money. It’s like a hobby to some people.

    I agree with you (and moslty everyone else) this arc has been sweet, & I’m lookin’ forward to more of it.

  12. I think the Marine with the butt-cut will become Magog.  The guy who called that out a few podcasts ago nailed it I’m betting.

  13. @Kimbo- You’re *cough* probably *cough* right.

  14. I can’t wait for this. Who doesn’t enjoy a godly ass-beating?

  15. I love subliminal design work like this!  His hair totally mimiced magog’s helmet, that’s awesome design foreshadowing. 

  16. Thank you JSA for always being good.  I know it can’t be easy but yet you seem to do it every month. 

  17. @Kimbo:

    Ah yes–the lost art of ‘folliclemancy".

  18. Yeah, it’s great. love the powergirl stuff. But when did Eaglesham start drawing Jay Garrick like Bea Arthur? Page 10 just before the Lung Ad the Flash looks like an old woman.

  19. Wait… Bea Arthur isn’t the Flash of earth 2?  Damn.  Just when I thought I had the DCU figured out.

  20. Jay Garrick= Bea Arthur.  Good times.

    I really enjoyed Hawkman in this issue.  He acted how a guy with a mace should act.

    I’ve never read Kingdom Come (I know, I know, I should be shot) but is Magog the true bad guy or is it Gog.

  21. @Kory – Do you really want to know the answer to that question?  I don’t want to spoil one of the greatest comic books (in my opinion) of all time for you.  I will tell you that Gog does not make any real appearance in KC, but that Magog is a significant character.  I don’t know if I would call him a "bad guy". 

    I would love to hear who people consider to be the "bad guy" of KC.  Superman?  Wonder Woman?  Captain Marvel?  The young Metahumans (including Magog)? Us?

    @Kory – You really need to read KC.  In my opinion it would make this JSA storyline about 100,000,000,000,000 (that is one hundred trillion) times better for you.

  22. @stulach: 

    You should really use scientific notation for enjoyment increasement factors of that magnitude.

    1×10^12, or 1 terajoy (tj)

  23. @Aerodynamics – I generally find scientific notation too bland for enjoyment quantification, but your terajoy unit of measurement is exceptionally enticing.  You need to trademark that term.

  24. Well, I would, you see, but the mark: ‘(tj)(tm)’ has already been reserved by Tom Jonson’s Turtle Medication

  25. I love KC. By far one of my all time best books.  The art could stand on its own as well as the story but you put them two together and you have something very very special.

    @stuclash – I don’t think the book had villains or heroes… it had people who had given up on believe in either of them things… what if everyone in the world became apathetic of morals… thats what KC’s world was like.

  26. @Aerodynamics – Ah, how could I have missed that.  Fucking turtles.  Sorry for the foul language.  I just hate those turtles so much…

  27. @CharlieBlix – That is an interesting and reasonable interpretation of the villain/hero aspect of KC.  I asked the question because I simply didn’t think I know the answer.  Although, I will say that Captain Marvel’s final act is my definition of heroism (can suicide be heroic?  It looks like it to me).

  28. @stuclash – Suicide can be heroic… its the big sacrafice.  End yourself to save others.  In a way its the only real way to be heroic.

  29. @CharlieBlix – I don’t konw if it is the only real way to be heroic (a mom or dad who works at a job he/she hates for 40 years so his/her child can live a better life than he/she did, is heroic in my mind), but it certainly can be (in my opinion).  (Can you tell I work on a college campus that is very, very PC sensitive?)

    We better end the suicide/heroism discussion before it leads down the suicide bomber track and someone (possibly me) gets pissed off and/or banned.

  30. @Stuclash –  Haha.. understood.  All I’m saying is what a Fireman does or the Police is heroic.  A fireman going into a burning building know that he could die but doing it anyways to save others is heroic… a cop running head first into danger to save people is heroic.  Both of these puts them in danger of dieing.  So yeah… thus heroic.

  31. @CharlieBlix – Agreed.  I think we are on the same wavelength.

  32. This arc is getting better and better, but one thing is always on my mind, when reading this arc after Superman from Earth-22 joined the JSA. Did he abandon Wonder Woman and the baby?

  33. @zerodni: I think he actually came to this Earth right when the nuclear bomb went off in Kingdom Come. I just finished the first trade of this and he says the last thing he knew was that he saw a ‘bright light, then darkness’….or something by those lines.

    So maybe when he goes back to his world, he’ll wake up and scream knowning that the world he sees better is gone…Oh and most of his friends are vaporized…

  34. @TheNextChampion: Maybe but when he references Magog. It seems to me that he is talking as if he he has dealt with this threat before, but it could be me imparting that from my view point, as read the Kingdom Come Arc and seeing Superman at that point, but if your right it really got me thinking of how they will fit it back in the Kindom Come story line but if anyone can do that. It would be the Jedi Master Geoff Johns.

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