Roy Harper’s journey into his own heart of darkness continues as Arsenal hits the streets ready to take his revenge on whoever makes the mistake of getting in his way. But what happens when that hit list includes one of his oldest friends – Dick Grayson? It’s Arsenal and Batman together, but this ain’t no team-up.

Written by J.T. KRUL
Cover by GREG HORN

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  1. anyone else regret buying the first two issues of this?

  2. This book is just following the general trend at DC now of having terrible team books (unless you consider GL corps a team book.) I borrowed the first issue from a friend and just sighed "meh."

  3. Its not just DC up until the relaunch marvel had mighty avengers in disaray and new avengers in mediocre limbo. With avengers number 1 things looked up. But is there any hope for a good justice league book again? Just give it to geoff johns or JMS for a year and problem solved.

  4. I think a one-shot may have been better, but we’ll see if Krul can turn it around with the remaining two issues.

    I though his Blackest Night Titans was very good, so I had high expectations. I really think DC needs to rethink so much grim and gritty nonsense.

  5. This issue was a joke. Literally. I’d say it marks the spot where the Arsenal storyline went from just bad to amusingly bad.

  6. So… my issue was subject to a weird printing error, an entire issue of Teen Titans was printed in mine and only 6 pages from the actual book! This trumps the random 2008 Inhouse ad misprint in Thor!

  7. This was so-so up until Roy "rode the white horse" – then it jumped the shark. I kept looking back at the cover going, "Who wrote this? Who the heck is Krul?" until I struggled to the end of the book.

  8. Have to go against trend here and say I’m enjoying this title and I liked this issue.  This is a story about a man’s life in freefall, and I appreciate the chances Krul is taking with Roy.  I’m glad I read it before I read reviews or heard the podcast, because I liked how different it was, and I look forward to the next issue.

  9. Picked this up after listening to the pod cast and have to say i dont regret picking it up for the humour side of it but apart from that the story didnt pull me in and art was ok nothing to make me come back

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