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Exile04/19/08NoRead Review
d1whowas03/07/08YesRead Review
TehDave03/07/08YesRead Review
batman03/06/08YesRead Review
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  1. Man, I really want to read this… but 4.99?

     I dunno…

  2. Hey I heard there are no ads, and darwyn cooke rules

  3. The original issues of New Frontier were like 6-7 bucks each.  I blew it for that reason.  Then ended up waiting years to re-read it again.

  4. @MisterBlank: Are you aware that it’s forty-eight pages for $4.99? As opposed to your average twenty-two/twenty-four page book at $2.99?

    Always one for lists, I’m interested to see which book can possibly rival New Frontier for most pulls this week.

  5. I actually just bought the New Frontier in Absolute Edition and I’m picking this up too.

  6. I liked the Losers into to NF the best, so I’m very, very excited to see a NF Sgt. Rock (I’m reading the Sgt. Rock showcase right now!)

  7. is there any possible scenario in which this isn’t POW?

  8. Ya know what, i can’t bring myself pass this one up.

    I have a feeling that if i don’t pick this up, I’m going to end up regretting it. I’ll just have to cut off some other stuff to make room for this, since my comics budget is kinda tight right now.

    And really, now that you all mention it, 4.99 isn’t that bad of a deal considering what you’re getting.

  9. There’s a good chance this won’t be the POW.  There are a lot of books this week.  GOOD BOOKS.

  10. Does Josh have the pick this week?  Then there’s a chance it will be this, but a chance that it will be something you did not expect.  Does Conor have the pick?  Then it will be this.  Does Ron have the pick?  Then it will be Uncanny X-Men.  Or X-Force.  Or Cable.

  11. I agree Josh. With all the hype around this book, with the movie and everyone building up the original series in their memories it will be hard for this to be the pick.

  12. I think it will be a good book.  It’s not number one on my list to read, but if you don’t get this book you’re obviously in with the Reds.  Don’t be a Godless Commie and support Darwyn Cooke.

    I can’t wait to hear what the next thing that he will be working on will be. 

  13. I’ll glue a plastic bag in the back of the Absolute Edition for this one-shot.  Or should I just wait for the second printing, when it’ll be included (whenever that might be).

  14. AWESOME!!!!!

  15. Hey guys,

    If I’ve never read New Frontier, will I understand what’s going on in this book? I may get it anyway, just because it would be nice to have…!

  16. @Mung0 – You won’t have a problem.  I never read the original yet either, but I saw the film.  Even if I hadn’t watched the film, I would have been able to enjoy this.  I’m looking forward to reading the original trade now.

  17. This was my first exposure to Darwyn Cooke as well as the New Frontier. I loved it! I will definitely be picking up the New Frontier DVD and TPB as well as looking for other stuff by Cooke. I do agree with the reviews that of the 3 stories contained within the first was the best and they went down in quality from there. Beautiful book.

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