Eclipso’s master plan is revealed at last! But how can even he achieve such an outrageous goal? And how does it hinge on his control of the moon and the Emerald City of the Starheart? The JLA must fight Eclipso’s ever-growing Shadow Army while looking for answers in a race against time to prevent The End of Days while he targets the next pawn in his plan of ultimate control: The Spectre.

Plus, Obsidian is back…but whose side is he on?

Art and cover by BRETT BOOTH and NORM RAPMUND
Variant cover by ED BENES

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  1. So uh I finished reading JLA: Year One and was thinking about getting into current JLA books but should I even get this book? I dont even recognize anyone on any of the last few covers except batman. Plus the average reviews dont seem promising either. Thoughts?

  2. I’d recommend the Grant Morrison late ’90s/early 2000s Justice League run in trades, along with trades of the recent Justice League: Generation Lost series. Also keep an eye out for the new Justice League International book.

  3. I wouldn’t recommend this series to a new reader either. I’m dropping it when this storyline ends…

  4. @thompsonlive  Definitely not. got for Morrison’s JLA as MikePositive mentioned, or wait for the inevitable new creative team.

  5. Or potentially wait for the new Justice League International series.  I personally liked the Tornado’s Path arc by Brad Meltzer, which I believe is where the current numbering started with.

  6. Also dropping this after this arc. And I’d also recommend Morrison’s run.

  7. Thanks for the info everyone. I will probably just pick up morrison’s run in trades and then jump on this when a new creative team takes over

  8. I’m really enjoying this story. 

  9. @g0ofgnewt  This last issue has turned it around quite a bit. It was actually pretty good. Robinson’s dialogue was much better in this issue, the art was consistent, and the plot moved along. Plus, the whole “chopped in half” thing was startling! I’m sure it’s only temporary, but… damn!

  10. I’ve been enjoying this book since Bagley left. Robinson has found a good spot and the team has jelled.

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