With Washington, D.C. in the hands of The Omega Man and the full extent of his horrific power revealed, the JLA is forced to make a difficult decision. Is there no choice for the World’s Greatest Heroes but to team with the World’s Worst Villains – the Crime Syndicate – in order to save both Earths? How will this desperate action be affected by Ultra Man’s betrayal of everyone… and the reappearance of Dark Supergirl?

Variant cover by DAVID MACK

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  1. What a cover! I’m buying it just for that.

  2. Beautiful cover.  Not into JLA at the moment, but I may pick up due to the Dark Supergirl.  

    How’s this arc going? 

  3. I wish sometimes that publishers would take a chance and publish a cover with nothing else on it except the art. No logo, barcode in the back, issue # on the inside…

    I mean, if you put Batman or Superman on a cover, do you really need a logo if it’s like a special event or something and it’s marketed hard?

  4. Sorry to be contrarian but David Mack covers don’t do much for me anymore.  I’m not saying it’s bad but I used to be a big fan.  The problem is they are all basically the same in composition.  I feel similar about Alex Ross covers.  Always pretty but always the exact same kind of pretty.

  5. @stasisbal  I’m with you about Ross. I’m not quite as familiar with Mack though. You may be right.

  6. I’m so glad Bagley is leaving DC.  His work just seems amateur to me.  He was fine on Ultimate Spider-Man, but his JLA is just garbage.  I wish him the best on Marvel books I don’t want to read.

  7. i will admit that I don’t think that Bagley was a great fit for JLA, but it was far from “garbage”.  This book has been much better since #50, imho.

  8. I can still remeber the horror that was Bagley on Batman.

  9. Is this going to be the issue where Saint Walker is going to become a JLA member?

  10. Very much enjoying Robinson’s Justice League, but I think the run has been hurt so far by Bagley’s very uneven art.

  11. @Terence  I agree.  It’s one of the reasons I don’t pick it up.  His Supergirl is not good or consistent with how she looks in her title.  It’s all in the hair.

  12. I’ve been enjoying Robinson’s JLA since he started as well, but I thought this issue was just terrible.

  13. I was really disappointed this variant sold out at my store…

  14. While there were some nice touches to the issue, and to the series here  (I really like the chance they’ve taken on the line up), there was nothing here that just wowed me.  I love the characters, I love seeing Jade and Im even loving seeing Congorilla and Starman on the team.   Its not in any danger of being dropped but its not anywhere close to the first books I read.

    Something about them facing off against the Crime Syndicate doesn’t sit quite right with me.  In my mind, the Crime Syndicate is a group that should ONLY be able to be beaten by their direct counterparts:  Clark, Bruce, Diana, Barry, and Hal (or Wally and Kyle in a pinch).  I know the point is to show that the new team is just as strong as the traditional one….   but they’re not.
    They’re every bit the HEROES as the original team, but they do not have the firepower or experience the original team does.   In my mind, saying that they could take out the Crime Syndicate, means that if push comes to shove, they’d be able to overcome the traditional heroes in a fight if it ever came up.  Maybe I’m seeing it too black-and-white but its just my own nitpick. 

  15. Can Bagley please take Robinson with him?

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