In “Justice League: Omega” part 2, as the battle between the JLA and the Crime Syndicate within the Hall of Justice explodes into the streets of Washington D.C., a new villain bent on his own form of conquest prevents any other heroes from helping save the nation’s capital. It’s up to five members of the Justice League to save the city’s people, with serious repercussions for one Leaguer, who may turn to the dark side. In order to help their teammates, Bill and Mikaal must begin an odyssey across the world that will evoke memories of Prometheus.

Variant cover by DAVID MACK

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  1. Cool cover!

  2. I’m sure I’m the only person who’s upset that Robinson is leaving this title.  I was willing to give him time to craft an awesome story, but apparently DC wasn’t.  

    I know it hasn’t been that great, but it just seems sad that it feels like the team is finally starting to gel and the run is over.  Blah. 

  3. I love Robinson, but to me, the League should be your heavy hitters, the core 5 (Supes, Bats, Flash, GL, WW) and then a couple of the writer’s favorite "project" characters.

    The series should be revamped to be the heart of the DC universe.  And I’d love to see an A-list artist on this book and to me, Bagley is not. 

  4. @zattaric Where did you hear or read about Robinson leaving JLA?

  5. @jackietam  I could have sworn I read it somewhere.  I just looked online for verification, but I couldn’t find it.  

    Sorry, either my daydream or I’ve convinced myself that it’s inevitable. Again, sorry to spread misinformation. 

  6. I rejoice that he is leaving. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass…blah…blah…blah!

    Now if they could only get the team right it might have a shot.

  7. Not only have I not heard of Robinson leaving the title, but considering he has a four year plan, he’s going to be on here for a LONG time.

    But I’m getting into this–last issue was actually pretty solid and entertaining. 

  8. Well the February solicts say he is on board…..so he anit leaving yet.

  9. I feel like this book has been solid since 50.

  10. I trust in James Robinson. He’s much more of long term story guy, so I have no doubt the seeds being planted in the first issues will pay off in the end. Regadless of the first two arcs was average to bad.

  11. Robinson’s not leaving, Bagley is.

  12. im kind of lost…dropping it, couldnt remember what happend last issue alittle confusing, mabye ill wait till the arc is over

  13. POTW! Great Jesse Quick and Supergirl moments. But can we please give Donna a codename

  14. I think this book is turning the corner. #50 and #51 have been much much better. The team is gelling, characters are developing, the story is getting interesting. I couldn’t find much wrong with the last two issues.

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