A BRIGHTEST DAY tie-in! Supergirl rejoins the JLA as incredible, ancient forces of chaos are unleashed. What could posses her and Power Girl to battle to the death? And what horrors await the rest of the Justice League and Justice Society in this prologue to “The Ghosts of Earth and Space”?!

Art and cover by MARK BAGLEY and ROB HUNTER

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  1. ?! I like the use of that punctuation. Shock and questions.

  2. Does this start the JLA/JSA crossover?  I have to admit the solicit has me a little confused.

  3. @ctrosejr — I’m pretty sure it’s more or less started since the last issue of JLA. They did show the progress with Alan Scott and all that.

    The cover, while not bad, doesn’t help in the hype factor (Supergirl fighting Power Girl? Wow. That’s NEVER happened before!), but this book is getting better–and this is from someone who thought this would never work after Cry For Justice being everything I personally hated about modern comic books. 

  4. i just wanna read about this team, i don’t care about them crossing over with the JSA. this is prolly gonna get dropped.

  5. oh shit, what issues are this crossover?

  6. People. Don’t you get it? EVERY issue of JLA is a crossover. Forever and ever. While I think Robinson is starting to get his feet, I think the editorial direction of this book may not line up with what I want (self-contained, good stories with some of the best DC characters interacting).

  7. While what JimBilly4 said might be true, there is also a JLA/JSA crossover starting where Robinson and Bagley will be doing both JLA & JSA for about 5 issues.  And, yeah, in thinking about it, I read the last issue of JLA and it did feel like it’s already begun.  Point taken.

  8. For whatever reason, I always feel the need o apologize for loving this book. Sure, there’s some quirks, but overall it’s a great read.

  9. @Rustyautoparts: We don’t judge.  Well, Edward does, but the rest of us on your side.  Consider the us your weekly support group.  "Hi, my name is ctrosejr, and I love Justice League of America." Hi, ctrosejr!" 

  10. More typos?! Come on DC.

    I think I’m going to skip this crossover.  I may give the first issue a glance in the store, but probably not. 

  11. Well, I liked it. Book is on the way up with Robinson. More fun than the last two years of JLA put together. 

  12. I’m just glad to see Obsidian being more than an "egg" or the ghostly security system!

  13. This book feels like it’s padded to reach the 40 pages (and therefore justify the cost) this was enjoyable but it felt like there were too many characters and…I really don’t like what’s happened to the JSA since Johns left.

  14. That’s it. I’m out after this crossover. I’m a pretty positive reader, and I think I’ve given Robinson more than a fair chance to turn this already struggling title around. But each of the last five issues has made me increasingly agitated, and I just don’t care anymore. I’m gonna stick around for the crossover mostly because I read JSA, but then I think I’m dropping this. Here’s e few examples why:

    Donna: Supergirl?! What …

    Mikaal: What …

    Dick: What’s she doing here?

    This is all inner monologue mind you. 

    Donna: Have t– NN-

    Mikaal: So fast, c– ARHH!

    Not since early Bendis have I seen such failing attempts at "realisitic" dialogue. Does Robinson realize that in order for the dash to work, it’d be helpful to include more than one letter of the word you’re cutting off. Not to mention the fact that he uses that effect in every single word balloon. 

    Jade: If the Starheart isn’t re-contained … It’s the end of everything. Life … Earth … McDonald’s.

    Good to know that despite the stakes being so high, Jennie feels the need to sneak in a fast food joke to lighten the mood.  

    I have no criticisms regarding the plot, because I don’t remember what it is despite having read the issue an hour ago. My head’s still swimming around how everyone seems to be out of character, and no one let’s anyone complete a sentence. I seem to remember reading some good Robinson in a title called Starman, but that memory is slowly being erased by this laughingstock.  

  15. The dialogue didn’t bother me, but I agree it was a little choppy.  How old is Jade supposed to be?  She sounds like she’s 16 at times.  After Robinson gave her list of accomplishments, I would have thought she’s at least in her 20s. 

  16. Know what this book needs waaaay less of? Monologue boxes. I don’t need every inoccuose thought the characters have. It’s one of my favorite devices but dammit you have to
    know how to use it

  17. Ivy Town is in Florida? I thought it was somewhere in the northeast.


  18. I am glad Robinson is on the book. I love the roster he is building and the way he is developing the characters and their relationships. This was the first issue where I thought Bagely really shined. The two page spread of Power girl ripping apart the jet was great . For the first time in a long time I am looking forward to Justice League every month.

  19. Man Bagley killed it on this issue. Freaking awesome art all the way through.

  20. Everytime I read this book, I get that sick feeling in my stomach that I started getting at the end of Trinity.  I like Bagley’s stuff on pretty much everything else but it just doesn’t seem to connect with me when he does DC work.

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