In the aftermath of the horrific events of JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE, a member is comforted by his friends and fellow Justice Leaguers over his tragic loss. And when Dick Grayson is offered membership, will the new Batman accept? Or would he rather operate outside the realm of the World’s Greatest Heroes?

Meanwhile, Ray Palmer attempts to unlock a device that’s been discovered by the team. Will it spell their doom – or something far worse? They’d better find out soon because Dr. Impossible has chosen now, of all times, to attack! Who exactly is this mysterious villain and who has he brought back with him? The new era for the team marches forward!

Written by James Robinson
Art and cover by Mark Bagley and Rob Hunter
Variant cover by Adrian Melo and Mariah Benes

Price: $3.99
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  1. I picked up the last issue late so I don’t really know what people were saying about this.  Personally, I think last issue showed that this book has potential to be good, but didn’t fully deliver on that potential.

  2. Now that Batman and Mon-el are in the JLA  I’m interested in the book.

  3. @Slockhart I’ve been liking everything that Robinon’s done with the JLA so far. Yes, that includes Cry for Justice. I feel like he’s been getting better with each issue, and I’m really excited to see what’s next. He hasn’t hit it out of the park yet, but he’s been taking some pretty healthy swings.

  4. @RustyAutoParts

    I dropped CFJ after the second issue, but it was one of those books I kinda wish I’d given more of a chance.  The only real reason I jumped onto this is because of the JT Krul spin-off-esque stuff coming up. I’ve loved everything I’ve ever read by him. That, and being severely DC slanted, it felt wrong that I hadn’t given the Justice League a chance yet.

  5. @Slockhart Yeah, I totally understand people not being enthused for what Robinson’s been doing. He does have a very unique style of writing, but I can’t get enough of it. Even reading through Starman, I noticed I didn’t really get wrapped up in the the story until maybe the 5th issue or so. Still, not everyone’s cuppa, as VinceB would say, but I fully support you giving this a chance.

  6. don’t get your hopes up, folks

  7. Either get CFJ out before this or hold this back. I understand that you put mark ‘the machine’ on this but you put a slow painter on the book that’s supposed to set this up. Clear lack of foresight.

  8. last issue was very good. I think this could be the first good JLA run since Kelley’s.

  9. The last issue was pretty well written, but the art… Donna Troy just looked like such a slut it really kind of put me off.  I’m still not sure how I feel about the JLA being led by the Teen Titans (emphasis on the TITs)… we’ll see.  This book has been so mishandled for so long, it’s pretty pathetic.  I’m still optimistic though.  The DC flagship book really needs its best talent to be good.

  10. Just read the preview, and it looks pretty promising. Unfortunately I get my books through DCBS, so that’s all I get to read until my box comes at the end of the month. I really like the approach he uses in the preview, though.

  11. This book is good – but i’m trying go cut my spending and it’s not that good. I’d borrow it rather then buy

  12. The part of last book where he was not puttng the team together was very engaging. So let’s just slap a roster page on the front and move right on into the story. I know the mess this transition has been is not entirely Robinson’s fault (start the CFG mini, then put him on the main title, force in a filler issue or two because waiting on CFG, THEN Blackest Night makes a mess, now finally onwards but CFG still not done, and we have to make the team again because the CFG team was never meant to be a real team… Yikes. He has 3 more issues or I finally put this comic down like the sick dog it has been for years.

  13. Last month’s issue was GREAT.  Looks like Robinson is going to build directly from Cry For Justice.  Really interested to see where he goes with JLA.

  14. Are we supposed to know who the villains are?  I kinda get the feeling we are, but kinda get the feeling that we aren’t.

    I can’t stand some things about Robinson’s writing.  Both this issue and the first issue of BN: JSA opened with inner monologues flowing into each other, and both times it has annoyed me endlessly.  The guy also REALLY likes to have conversations end in a dialogue box during the next scene, and that gets old fast.

    Green Arrows really like to hang out on the Watchtower by themselves. 

  15. This hurts from the expanded page count. This felt like a 22 page story ballooned up to 40 for the sake of the page increase. Also, since when was Plastic Man around during WWII? is that flashback refering to a time when he was sent back in time? And I couldn’t Figure out if the narration boxes was a jab at Metzler or a genuine device he was using and I couldn’t tell who exactly the new team is made up of.

  16. I think I’m going to give this title until the JT Krul mini gets going.  If it looks like this won’t be necessary for that, then this is dropped.

  17. Not as good as last issue but still had some good parts, hope next issue blows me away.

  18. @slockhart It looks like they are some version of the New Gods, or the New Gods reincarnated.

  19. @magnum240

    That’s what I figured, but I didn’t know if they had been established yet. 

  20. @mikeandzod21: You couldn’t tell who was on the team from the big establishing group shot near the end?

  21. I’m really liking the flashbacks and all the different elements of the DCU being stirred into the pot.  I even kind of like the team.  Still, there’s something about the script and story that isn’t coming together for me, it doesn’t read smoothly enough.  And I really don’t like Bagley, I’ve decided.  That is not my Shade in those first 2 pages.

  22. @conor true, i meant at the begining.  It just doesnt feel like the team is very solid, but that could change.

  23. I’m gonna give this probably one more issue. Cause frankly, it’s been "okay" so far but I’m not really willing to pay an extra 3.99 a month for an okay comic.

  24. @mikeanszod21: That’s the point. They’re building the team so they’re not solid yet.

  25. Plastic Man is a Golden Age character. So, he would have been around in 1944 originally. That said, after all the crises, etc. , I’m not sure WHERE his current continuity has landed him. I thought i remembered something where he’s a lot older than people think because he doesn’t show his age.

    Another thought: We’re pretty obviously dealing with alternate realities here. So… who’s to say that Plastic Man flashback is on our Earth? 😉 

  26. YES Dick is giving Hal orders 🙂

  27. Can’t fully explain it, but — I just don’t enjoy Bagley on this book.
    I loved his work in Ultimate Spider-man.
    His more playful, clean, cartoony style worked absolutely great with that book.
    I think his style hurts the mood of the JLA book.
    Think Bagley would have been a much better fit for a younger title like Teen Titans.

  28. @Arrrggghhh Totally have to agree with you on that, it jsut doesn’t fit this book that well, my main complaint is how some of the characters look (Mostly females)

    I reread it and I notice what REALLY bugs me about this book is that it has the potential to be GREAT, I love the team thus far and he really knows the character and the first 7 pages of this book really had me hook, especially with the thoughts going through these characters heads while on the field. But what lsot me though was when they started jumping through the story via flashback and other random locations; It just doesn’t flow well to me. I’m really hoping this book hooks me at the next issue.

  29. Getting better all the time.

     Good stuff.

  30. I like the new roster and where the book is going, but the art… not so sure.

    I had a really hard time getting through this issue because of the art. Bagley has become very inconsistent in his work, so if he doesn’t step it up I don’t think I can get through the book.

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