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  1. Who is the guy in the red suit and green cape?

  2. Icon. He’s one of the Milestone characters.

  3. I dropped this a while ago  …. is firestorm getting to be one of the main characters or still just a bit player?

  4. what a clusterfuck of a last arc and this appears to just be a continuation of that

  5. Is anyone else just not into these Milestone characters?  The integration feels so forced.

    I’m more excited for the Red Circle / Archie Comics characters than the Milestone. 

  6. The copy on this is wrong – there is no Royal Flush Gang in this issue, it’s the end of the Starbreaker arc. Yes, it feels forced, that’s because the whole arc was created to explain why the Milestone characters are suddenly in the DC universe….but that’s only explained in the last 3 pages.

    That said, I still like most of the Milestone characters. Where’s the Blood Syndicate ? 🙂


  7. so I thought the Milestone characters were going to be introduced in a very natural way.

    also this arc went down as such: Part 1, Part 2, fill-in to tie in with Faces of Evil, Part 3, Interlude, Part 4, Part 6, Conclusion.  It also featured six different pencilers.

    that being said, Hardware did actually prove to be an interesting character in this issue.  I loved the art here.  And, Cowboy Batman is awesome.  That is all.

  8. This issue wasn’t horrible, it was way better than JSA 28.  Regarding the last page, I still kind of hope Dharma fails to "reknit the frayed strands of continuity" and the Milestone universe falls into dissolution…for now.  I’ll give them a chance, but I repeat, it feels very forced.

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