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  1. Why does Dr. Light look like Mr. Sinester?

  2. Enough of doctor light already… despite the whole sue thing who CARES?!

  3. I know I’m repeating myself here … but, why does DC continue to use these B grade characters as thier JLA? If thier was 2 JLA books, one was the "big seven" (Batman, Supes, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter & Aquaman) & the other was about Vixen, Animal Man, Red Tornado & Black Lightning, which book would you read? It’s no contest in my eyes.

  4. @WadeWilson: There’s a long history of using characters other than the "big 7" as the JLA.  There are more JLA books featuring "the lesser characters" than not.  It all depends on the writing.

  5. As to which book I’d buy, I’d buy the better written one.

  6. Buy them all..or .just put me back on the team!!!

  7. Wait, when did Dr. Light get resurrected?  So…the Spectre destroying you can get retconned now?  Then whats his point again? I never understood why the Spectre went after him in the first place – he never has gone after the Joker or Mr. Zzazz (sp) who are by far eviler and have killed way more families and kids (albeit not raped anyone we are aware of). But I digress…

     I agree with WadeWilson, there is some out of touch thinking going on at DC.  Cancel Robin, Nightwing, BoP, and Blue Beetle.  But are people really clamoring for Black Lightning Year One and 12 issues of the War that Time Forgot?

    Oh and just to be more cranky – Battle of the Cowl is just a combination of Reign of the Supermen and Nightfall.

  8. @CAM- The guy on the cover is starbreaker, not dr. light

    @wadebeforeslade- The Dr. Light in the story is the female version. Dr. Light, the male version, is in the story as a candle that the Spectre turned him into.

  9. I think I’m reading this simply to support McDuffie, who I love as a writer. But I really could care less about the JLA.

  10. So is McDuffie’s reintroduction of the Shadow Cabinet over already?  I thought it would this really cool thing, but they made it seem like I should knew who these characters were.  I was out of comics whenever the DC and Milestone crossed over in the ’90s.  Are they good guys misunderstood or are they bad guys so thats why they are fighting?  This book needs a direction, and I feel like it has been bogged down in event type stuff.  Even if this turned into the best book that DC is offering, w/o Superman and Batman, the only character I care about is Red Arrow and he seems to not show up for issues on end.

  11. Uh what did I just read? Cause it had nothing to do with what was solicited. Len Wein wrote this, not McDuffie. And this had nothing to do with the Shadow Cabinet stuff I was getting into. But I guess that Starbreaker is going to be the big bad behind the Shadow Cabinet’s stealing of Dr Lights candle.

    As for the issue itself….not to bad. I liked the artist, hes like a more cartoony version of Dustin Nguyen on Detective. Wein’s writing was a bit cheesy, but servicible. I just hope it ties into the overall story, or I’m giving up on JLA till Robinson’s JL comes out.

  12. @Ntpmcrtp

    I second that. I shouldn’t have to double check the cover of a comic once I get to the store to make sure the creative team is the one that was, and still is, being advertised.

    I can appreciate this throw back to the silver-age style of comics, I didn’t think it was bad while I kept that in mind, but between this bait and switch and the reveal of the first black lantern in a toy solicitation it seems like DC is telling us "smark" readers (to use a wrestling term) to go fuck ourselves.

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