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  1. I dropped Justice League last month.  Not that it’s a bad comic, it just got boring to me.  I’ll be keeping an eye on it though to see if it ramps back up.

  2. I dropped it two months ago for the same reason – not a bad comic at all, but it lacks a certain ‘wow’ factor I think should be associated with a book like Justice League…

  3. I’m the opposite. I just picked this book up with my recent return to comics. Generally I like team books, like Titans and such. I’m going to give it a few more issues before I pass judgement.

  4. I liked the last issue more than what I’d heard about it.  it wasn’t that bad.

  5. After this issue, I think I am going to be dropping this book.  It’s just not impressing me anymore.

  6. um, so what I said about last issue does not apply to this issue.  I think I finally have to drop this book.

  7. Yeah, I’m with you guys — my patience with this title is the camel’s back & this issue was the straw (if that makes any sense). After the battle with a spider-god we have a bunch of imaginary(?) shit happen & then to defeat it, Vixen holds a gun to her own necklace as a threat. Awesome.

    This series has been bad for a while & I’ve continued to buy it because I have an unbroken run of JLA for a long time, but this series is so bad right now my eyes started to cry out tiny chunks of vomit while I read this. Time to drop it.

  8. Vixen as a character just sucks.. I didn’t mind the idea of the story but just have it revolve around a more interesting character .. ie Animal Man??? Art was good though.

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