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  1. This issue could be hit or miss.  I am hoping for some old school justice league buracracy but i am not so sure that’s what we will get

  2. Has Trinity gutted this series, or what?

  3. I don’t think that TRINITY has done anything to this series.  Lack of a direction and getting jerked around by crossovers has done the damage.

  4. Trinity has felt like a weekly JLA, but I’ve been enjoying both series.  Last issue wasn’t too bad so I’m excited for this one.

  5. i’m an old Morrison JLA fan and started reading this three issues ago…

     not good, it doesn’t any sense 

  6. The only thing Trinity is doing to this series is making it look bad by comparison.

    What’s up with the African spider god? Has someone been reading JMS’s Amazing Spider-Man run? I wonder if Ezikiel will show up?

  7. My biggest problem with this series is it does not feel big or important. No big villains, no high stakes. It has made it become a little boring.

  8. I thought the last arc was gonna be great when it started good but it soon failed and turned into just a prelude for this arc. Highly disappointing. Hopefully this will turn out to the be the issue where this book gets back on track.

  9. I think the tone of this book is similar to a comic from the 70’s, very bright colors and action with the A B subplot writing thing going on.  My problem is I loved the widescreen feel of Morrison’s JLA which felt like a disaster flick every issue.  This is competent just not sophisticated which I think the Morrison run pulled off.  

  10. I’m dropping this book as of this issue. I have been getting JLA since Waid and Niceza(sp?) mini in the mid 90’s.

    this book hasn’t had the right mix of character roles since Kyle was replaced by John,

  11. damn what with the price change $3.99?

  12. @bigyanks: its more money because its Double Sized.

  13. Horrible.  Absolute crap.  Last time I’m buying this garbage.  Anansi?  Really?  25 pages of non-sense and what-if scenarios.  FEH.

  14. I…. liked it.  Although I’m a huge fan of what-if’s.

  15. I really liked this issue

  16. I liked all the "what-if" stuff (Paladin is pretty awesome) even though it kinda seems like the same thing that’s happening in Trinity right now, with the "what would happen without Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman?" angle. I gotta admit I have had all this metafiction shit up to the eyeballs right about now though, I would LOVE to read about something else from DC.

    I’d also love if the main characters in the book wern’t Animal Man, Vixen & Red Tornado … no offence to thier massive legion of fans *cough* but I would guess that the majority of comic fans could care less about them, which kinda drains any potential drama/tension out of a story focused on them. Maybe ‘m just speaking for myself though …

  17. i wouldn’t really call this a what-if story. mcduffie didn’t really flesh out the alternate histories, just threw out some ideas. i guess i just want a return of the elseworlds stories so this reminded me what i was missing. it was interesting but i was hoping for better.

    also if mcduffie ret-cons buddy into a meat eater i’m going to rally my vegan comic book fan friends together to riot. which would end up being me yelling "damn it" a lot.

  18. .. i didn’t mind it either..

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