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  1. This issue has what I have been twittering as the best JLA quote ever. I’m not going to ruin it but see if you can find it and post it.

  2. Hey DC?  Enough with the Red Tornado please..

  3. Best quote ever?  That’s quite the boastful claim…

  4. I am intrigued Sir!

  5. @ Kimbo: What’s with the Red Tornado hate? This is pretty much the only book wherein they SHOULD develop the character instead of putting out a solo mini-series that no one will buy. Besides, it’s roughly been over a year before they focused on him again since the first arc.

     Best quote ever, huh? I’ll make sure to check that out. 

  6. I’m with you Kimbo — enough with all these C-List characters. They worked for Meltzer’s personal relationship type of stories, but c’mon, this is the JLA! People want all the heavy hitters in big over-the-top superhero action … right?

  7. @WadeWilson – Eh, not always.  It’s nice to mix it up.

  8. @samuraigrifter– you’re absolutely right, its the perfect venue for Red stories but I’m with WadeWilson, I want big epic storylines again and not crying robots.

  9. Is this story the Meltzer arc all over again?!

  10. Let’s see how this arc pans out. Who knows, it might end up being the big epic storyline everyone is looking for — without Reddy getting dismantled or shedding a tear for a change, LOL.

  11. I read it today, and found it enjoyable. I thought there were moments that the bit of action moved the development as well. I’m new to JLA, but I’ve been enjoying it and looking forward to the next one.

  12. @AlexG – I thought EXACTLY the same thing after reading this. Major deja vu.

    Red Tornado’s confession on page three was so random & seemed so outta place in an all ages comic, I choke/laughed. Hilarious.

    And is it just me, or does Black Canary barking orders at Wonder Woman & Superman just seem … wrong?

  13. I thought his girlfriends comment on the same page was "The best JLA quote ever!". 

  14. I really want to like this comic…but I just feel underwhelmed every issue.  Not sure if its the art, the story, or the characters.  I don’t want to blame the characters because I’ve read Justice League task force, europe, america, international and extreme justice and I enjoyed all those despite the sometimes random characters.  so I don’t know.  I’ll keep collecting it because I’m hoping once Duffie breaks free of this tie-in stuff it will rock…but so far I’m un-wowed.  

  15. An average story, which tends to be par for the couse on this title now unfortunately.  a couple quick questions that maybe someone could help me with.  Did we ever see Firstorm actually join the team or did he just start showing up?  Am I forgetting something?  Must have been in the same issue that Geo-Force left the team.  Oh, wait, was he ever really on the team?  And is Zatanna on the team now too?  She’s featured on the Roll Call but I don’t remember her joining either.  And didn’t Hal leave the team and ask John Stewart to take his place.  And does the Justice League really have by-laws as Black Canary used to kick out Vixen?  Seems odd that they would sit around creating them.  You’d think they had better things to do.  And speaking of Vixen, based on page 9 she’s been hanging around Power Girl and stealing some her "special powers".  She’s almost ready to show up in an issue of The Titans.

  16. @ GrendelRK:

    Firestorm was forced to join the team by Batman during the Injustice League arc because Batman believed that he was too powerful to be left unsupervised.

    During that same arc, (the Wedding Special, to be exact) I believe the agreement between Hal and John was that they would alternate their League duties. Also, it could be Hal was just dropping by for a visit.

    Zatanna is just a guest, but I guess they’re doing the traditional Roll Call wherein any hero who guests that was a previous leaguer is included in said Roll Call for the issue. Listen to Tom vs the JLA for examples.

    As for Black Canary’s by-laws: listen to the Tom vs the JLA podcast. There’s a lot of JLA bureaucracy and red tape even in the early days of the League. LOL.

  17. @samurigrifter: Good Call on Tom Vs. the JLA

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