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  1. My two favorite teams in the same damn book, wtf I think I might have a freakin’ heart attack from the excitement.

  2. This may be the last issue I get of this book. It is on thin ice.

  3. The last issue was the worst of any comic I’ve purchased in the last year.  It’s on thin ice with me as well.

  4. I agree with Mr. Sizzle.  I buy JLA like Ron buys X-Men. If they are fighting the Suicide Squad, that’s a must for me.

    PS – I also buy X-Men like Ron.  What can you say?  The heart wants what the heart wants 🙂

  5. Who’s all on Suicide Squad with the hole Salvation run thing going on?  I see Vertigo and Boomerang, but could any one fill me in on the rest of the current team?

  6. I guess the bronze tiger is there as well, how did i miss him.

  7. second that, Flounder. I have to buy JLA no matter what. That series got me into comics, way back with the Morisson run.

    But Andrew is right too, that last issue was so fucking terrible I almost cried… 

  8. I may just skip to the McDuffie back up story… that I like. THe whole deal with the suicide squad though… I couldn’t really care much less

  9. What is the point of having JLA if you are going to just use it to pimp other books.  Use JLA: Classified for that.

  10. I’m liking the current manner of big action in the main story, and then a backup that focuses on one character.  It provides the best of both worlds in regards to action and characterizations. 

  11. I’m actually enjoying all of it! Didn’t really care for Morrison’s run, Waid’s was better. i personally thought Meltzer was great…I’m really into this whole run so far!!

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