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  1. I will agree the art is beautiful.  Benes can draw me a Wonder Woman any day.  That’s a promise, if I ever meet him at a convention and he offers to draw me a Wonder Woman I promise not to say no.

    The problem I have is that the story just doesn’t seem to be, you know, a story.  It seems like an add for Salvation Run.  I feel like I should have been given this issue as a freebie to promote the other mini series.  Or that it should have been labelled Salvation Run #0.

  2. I agree with you. I do think that the second story was written so much better than the first. The character studies were much more defined and the art was almost as good as Benes (I said almost). I thought I would write a review on this because this issue was a redemption point for me, I was ready to leave and now I’m staying.

    One this I do have an issue with though is why wasn’t Black Canary questioning Amanda Waller? She is the leader after all. And if so when is she going to lead these people? 

  3. Black Canary is the leader for run of the mill stuff. Like getting coffee or baking cookies at the Watchtower. She can bake the hell out of some cookies! Anyone who says she should take the lead over any of the big three when anything important is happening is suffering from low blood sugar. As a remedy I suggest one of the Canary’s cookies!

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