The plan was for the JLI was to be installed as Earth’s official protective team. But once Breakdown attacked, that all came to a swift and sudden end. Now, as the pall of death and injury hang over the team, all that matters is survival.

Featuring the introduction of a surprise new team member!

Written by Dan Jurgens
Pencilled by Aaron Lopresti
Inked by Matthew Ryan
Lettered by Travis Lanham
Colored by Hi-Fi
Cover by Richard Friend & Jeromy N. Cox

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Please do not say Batwing is the new memember!! Well looks like there is nothing I can say or do, we are stuck with him for a while I guess. DC could not have brought back Ted Kord BB however; they could bring over a really weak Batman and have him in the group?! ARGH!! This was one of my favorite titles every month and now..welllll……… I guess I shall see????


  2. Sorry—member!! I just do not care for him and I believe there are just way to many Batman characters floating around the DCU right now. Batwing, I tried two- three issues and it started out intresting enough and then lost me faster than any other book has in the history of comics. I hope he does not kill the JLI for me???


  3. Glad Batwing is on the team.

    • I second. Can’t wait for O.M.A.C. to join as well! That team is gonna kick serious butts!

    • Oh no not O.M.A.C.!! Those two characters do not belong in this group. They should put together another hero group called The Misfits of hero Island or Rejectwatch. The memebers can be:
      Batwing, O.M.A.C., Blue Beetle (Reyes), Capt. Atom (This new one), Batwoman( for female representation), and round it off with this new Savage Hawkman.
      Seriously; I am just can’t stand these characters right now, O.M.A.C. and Batwing, I am sorry I am sure thier are others that like them just not me.


    • You know, if you don’t like the book, nobody forces you to buy it! 😉

      I myself, personnaly prefer this to JLA at the moment and the line-up is great and is going to be stronger with OMAC and Batwing!

      Batwing in JLI makes wayyyy more sense than Batman!

      OMAC a little less, but I’m eager to see how the writers will handle it with Brother Eye and all mixed in there.

    • @Flash923, I would totally read that book.

  4. If I was a voting member of the JLI, Batwing would get my vote!

  5. Why was Batman dissing on the JLI in JLA last issue? Will this be explained (hopefully?)

  6. i don’t want batwing or OMAC.

    I liked Fire, Vixen and Ice, why were all the women took out to be replaced with guys?
    Only Godiva is still around and she’s the most useless of the four girls.

    guess we’ll have to see how this series goes from here.

    • No doubt!! WTF is the deal with that?? Fire, Ice and Vixen were always associated with JLI so they better not be gone!! Bring Ted Kord Blue Beetle back and add MM or even Power Girl.


  7. consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    Not looking forward to Batwing joining but he might surprise me. I am however looking forward to O.M.A.C. joining the team. OMACTIVATE!

  8. I’m going to drop this if it doesn’t get better after the new black haired member joins.

  9. So. I get the concerns. I agree with some. I get DC. I understand the need to crosspolinate titles and characters. (which there appears to be a lot of next month) Why did we need an image of a soldiers head being stomped in? It was crass, I think the public deserves an apology from DC, it was unneeded.

  10. Well this issue still got a 4 from me and I can’t believe it myself however; I found myself drawn into it and felt so bad for Ice and Vixen. BW maybe alright in this title as long as he is not going to be questioning Booster every other frame. Omac just looks so out of place, like he is from a different genra; does that make sense?? I hope he is just going to battle with the JLI and they clean his clock and he is gone. BW like I said could make it if he sticks to the Bat program and follows more experienced heros in the group. I can’t believe Omac took Guy out that quickly, just seems kinda of lame… I think guy should have been enraged because of Ice and taken it to all of the villians as well as Omac!! Well I will say the artwork continues to be very good and Booster really has grown up and still keeps some of his niavity which is good!! Good issue and Omac……. Guy is gonna cut down!


  11. I don’t give a crap who joins as long as Booster’s leadin’!!! Let’s just bring on Cap.Atom and Power Girl!!! Ted would be nice, too!

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