The JLI managed to survive their first mission on a wing and a prayer. Now, in the aftermath of Peraxxus’s near destruction of the planet Earth, our heroes gather together to decide the fate of their team.

Written by DAN JURGENS

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  1. Hell yeah!! Another very good title this week that I can not wait to read! This has been in my top ten of comics since the first issue and has been fun for me to read it. Not as comical as I thought it was going to be however; I really do think this is going to finally make my POW and probably everyone elses as well.


  2. I really want August General in Iron off the team… and Blue Beetle replaces him so we can get some DCnU blue and Gold action

  3. I must admit this has been a surprise hit of the New 52 for me. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do, it’s classic team-book action and I’m eager to read it every month.

  4. This title does not get a lot of love over on the DC boards, but I like it for what it is: a decent team book.

  5. This is supposedly the issue that changes the foundation of the team forever and sends the book in a whole new direction.

    • I hope so. I was pleasantly surprised with the first issue but the subsequent issues have been pretty boring to me. Unless, the new direction is interesting, I am dropping off.

    • @torippu My feelings, exactly. Really did like that first issue but since then, not so much.

  6. This is a title that has slowly grown for me, I was rather iffy on the first ish, but its feeling a lot stronger now. I also wasn’t sure how I felt about August General on the team but this issue in particular was his strongest showing yet. While we’ve been seeing Godiva’s overly flirty nature with Booster, I thought the private conversation between her and August General was a lot more interesting and I think may have laid the groundwork for an actual romance between the two.

  7. This is a 5 for me and would have been the POW for me except for Red Lanterns!! Booster and Guy are going to have it out very, very soon I get the feeling and rightfully so. If you are a leader of a group and you want respect and one of your troops keeps cutting you off at the knees you nee to do what the Bat did way back before the New 52 in a classic scene where he takes Gardner down with one punch. I do not think that may work this time for Booster however; if he gives him a good run for his money he might get a little more respect form Guy. This Godiva and Iron Giant General thing needs to not happen, I really do not think he should stick around in this group and he just does not seem to be her type. Anyway like the main plot and all of the chjaracter build up excellent comic!!


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