DC’s biweekly JUSTICE LEAGUE event continues! Fire has been keeping a dangerous secret from the team, and her past literally comes back to haunt her when she’s forced to confront the darkest of demons!

Meanwhile, still hot on the trail of Max Lord, the former members of the Justice League International pick themselves up after their disastrous battle at Checkmate headquarters. But can they locate Max while The Dark Knight himself is hot on their trail?

Written by JUDD WINICK
Breakdowns by KEITH GIFFEN
Variant covers by KEVIN MAGUIRE

Price: $2.99
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  1. This is the best non-batman book DC is printing right now… are people honestly enjoying GL stuff being shoved into every corner of the DC universe?? Tired of it all?? Read this

  2. This is very good…but it is a Brightest Day book, which is kind of GL stuff. I suppose they did avoid putting a Lantern back on the team, but only because they needed all the Lanterns they had to launch a third Lantern book. Also, Fire is green. So if you are trying to avoid just the color green, that is no dice as well.

  3. This, as has been said, is the sneak attack book at the moment. I don’t thjink many people were THAT excited about it, but it really is the must read book that is currently being printed.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends…a new JLI ongoing with a crossover with Emerald Warriors? sounds good to me!!!

  4. Too bad they don’t let you make it your pick of the week before comics come out. 

    @Doddsickle I didn’t even know it was coming out but I picked it up because it had Booster Gold on the cover and I have not for one second/page have I been disappointed.

  5. Will the digital version of this come out wednesday? I hope so

  6. Cliff Chiang is a great artist, but the covers he has been doing for this book have been fantastic! And this book has been pure awesomeness. More JLI please!

  7. I gave this book a chance and it’s become a favorite. I never thought JLI was that interesting but Winick has changed my perception.

  8. Winick is nailing the character moments.  There is not wasted team member; each one contributes to the feeling/vibe of the book.  Do you think that this book is succeeding because of pacing?  Does the 26 week format allow Winick the space and room to breath?  I know one counter argument would be what’s going on in Brightest Day, but I think that book suffers from TOO MANY characters and plots.  With Generation Lost, there really is only the one main plot.  (Ok, there’s the time-travelin’ Captain Atom sub-plot too.)

  9. This issue had a bit of wonky art compared to the last but this series is still stellar and a lot of fun with a really unique tone to it.

  10. Still a stellar book but I didn’t have that feeling that I need to know more that I’ve had on the last few issues. I hope we get some Blue Beetle character moments soon.

  11. I am fucking LOVING this book! It’s great. This issue had it all – humor, action, surprises, everything. Wake the kids, tell the neighbors, it’s AWESOME.

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