It’s the calm before the storm in issue #21. Beetle is dead, Max Lord has Checkmate and the hunt for Wonder Woman has begun. But Booster Gold has given up after losing another friend to Max Lord, and the JLI is left without a leader!

Written by JUDD WINICK
Variant Covers by KEVIN MAGUIRE

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  1. Great cover. I’ve been loving this series and I hope we see Winick on these characters again.

  2. I still don’t believe Beetle is dead.

  3. As this series winds down the feeling of loss is starting to creep in. Not so much for the Blue Beatle as the storyline. I just hope they don’t end it with a twist like Booster joins Max Lord. That would be lame.

  4. Think I’m gonna take a break this week, catch up later.

  5. @Minion  I agree about the sense of loss regarding the winding down of this title.  It is one of the best books being published right now and the one that I look forward to reading the most each month.  I wish it could just go on and on.  

    The guys over at Raging Bullets had a really interesting discussion recently about how Brightest Day (and the same could be said about Generation Lost) is a different take on the traditional anthology series, where you get to see several “minor” characters, who might not be able to support their own book, go on adventures.  By having one large, over-arching story, you can shift focus from one set of characters to the next, giving each character a little face-time, while pushing the larger plot forward.  I think DC has really be pioneering this style of storytelling.  52 and Countdown are certainly the spiritural predecessors to these series, and this type of series is as important as any in promoting the idea of a shared DC universe and treating the fan who loves obscure characters.  The weekly (or twice-monthly) release schedule is vital to feeling like the story is continuing to progress apace.  This type of series, by its nature, takes more time to tell because they are larger in scope (to allow for more characters) and it should poke its head into the corners of the DC universe we don’t usually see.  

    In my opinion, DC always need have a series (or two) like this going on.  As Brightest Day and Generation Lost have shown us, it doesn’t need to be an “event” book, which is great.  If I had my way, Generation Lost would down-shift into the new on-going Justice League series, assuming there is a big enough JLA story that Winick wants to tell.  If not, it could be a new story, with any set of characters in the DCU that have been gathering dust lately.  Put the Creeper, Wally West, August General in Iron, Cave Carson, Space Cabbie and Ace the Bathound on a team, and it could be great!

  6. i don’t think Beetle is dead. I have a suspicion that the story ends with Max being defeated and things get “reset”..with Jamie coming back or something like that. 


  7. I’m thinking it’s either going to be:

    1. The AI of the scarab has died and this death-like state Jaime’s in is the suit re-routing all functions into his brain.

    2. Booster goes back in time to stop Max from shooting Jaime.

    Frankly, if neither happens, I’m calling shenanagins.  

  8. Might be a cover purchase.

  9. I’ll be happy just to see Max get slapped upside his smug face for once! Been dying to see that!

  10. Great cover

  11. For those of you reading a lot of DC, did they stick with the “dead is dead” thing that Hla Jordan said at the end of Blackest night?

  12. No one has really died since then except Ryan Choi and now Jaime. People have been life dying in Brightest Day but no one knows what that means really. If you are a minority hero though WATCH OUT. It’s SO much better than Ray Palmer is around to bore us to death and complain about his super villian ex gf.

  13. Thumbs up on that lovely cover.

  14. @JNewcomb  —well they do. Although what constitutes dead is up for discussion. 

  15. @ResurrectionFlan – Dude, seriously. If I were a minority legacy hero in the DCU right now, I’d switch my fucking costume STAT!

  16. @CaseyJustice  Don’t forget, Jaime’s also a former Teen Titan. I’m frankly surprised he survived this long. The only way he could make himself more likely to die is if he became Kyle Rayner’s girlfriend.

  17. Good bye Jamie!! Sorry about your lose for those who cared for him. I personally did not not and will be glad to never see him again!! Bring back Ted Kord………….. None the less this is a great title and can not say enough about how much I enjoy each issue.  Perhaps it was all a dream?? That would be a real @#@^&$#. Batman will take care of Max and it will be very different then what we thought would happen.

  18. So… that happened.

    We’ve gotten to a point in comics where death has been way overdone. Clearly Winnick is aware of this as well, because he flipped the trope on its head and done did surprise me by the end. Another great issue on the writing side of things. Not a huge fan of Dagnino, but it was serviceable enough. I just wish Lopresti was fast enough to do two issues a month.

  19. I’m not gonna spoil anything, but…

    First of all, the fact that the armor didn’t shut down and just turn into a scarab with a dead teen next to it should have been a tip-off to long-time (like three or four years or so) readers (especially BB fans). Second of all, Geoff Johns loves Jamie and the idea of the “All new! All different!” Blue Beetle too much to let it go without more media attention than you (or I) can imagine. I mean, have you seen the live action short?? Jamie’s dead? I don’t think so! That’s like the ‘faithful’ comics readers who were up in arms when Superman and Captain America died.

    Suspend your disbelief for the stories, not the business.

    Last page of the comic… Duh, WINNING!!

  20. “I’m not going to spoil anything, but…” and then you go on for a paragraph of spoilers. Rock on.

  21. I think you’re all forgetting the most surprising thing that happened this issue. I guess I’ll cover it.

    Way to go Rocket Red!

  22. @Minion  Hell yes! So glad somebody hooked up during this little journey. Good for him, she’s a catch

  23. eh. maybe it was just me, but all those “big moments” seemed forced and out of nowhere. I was really interested in Captain Atom’s struggles though. 

    I’m getting slightly bored with this series now. I mean its still good, i’m just not as into it. Maybe its just the bi weekly thing is catching up with my A.D.D.  

  24. Great comic and I will continue to follow it till the end!

  25. I KNEW IT!!! YES!!!

    This issue was like a bitchin’ rock star from Mars, only better! Ahh, Judd, you magnificent bastard…

    @RoiVampire  She’s a hottie! 😉

  26. Maybe I’m jaded but I didnt feel any emotional weight to the kiss.  Maybe its just cause I haven’t connected to Gavril as a character, but I still have a hard time separating him from anyone else who’s worn the costume.  I know his political differences, but otherwise?  

    As for the rest of this issue, I loved it!    …and well yes I think we knew how the issue was going to end.  Still, how great was it to see the rest of the team acknowledge Booster’s leadership?  That was the emotional turning point I was waiting for! 

  27. “Where’s Captain Atom?”  That surprised me a little.

  28. @kennyg: Oh, man. That was awful. XD

  29. Why is it the cheesiness in this story always makes me smile?  I needed something to take the edge off of a bad week at work.

    Something like that?  Something like that.

  30. @sakuuya  Sometimes the jokes just write themselves!

    I thought some more about this issue. This really was a good “breather” issue that focused on character development, and it was expertly done. Lots of pathos in this one, it really hit me emotionally on several levels.

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