DC’s biweekly JUSTICE LEAGUE event continues!

In issue #20, all of the pieces are finally in place, and Max Lord’s ultimate plan finally reveals itself. This is a special can’t-miss issue featuring Max Lord’s origin and the reason he’s made it his life’s work to snuff out metahumans, aliens and the entire Super Hero community.

Written by JUDD WINICK
Variant Cover by KEVIN MAGUIRE

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  1. I really don’t think there has been a better overall series in the past year.

  2. @Minion  I would have to agree with that.

  3. I’m excited to see some fallout from the last issue

  4. I need to catch up on this title and from what people have been saying I am in for a treat.

  5. @Reform  yes you are sir

  6. I’ve decided to start on this as well… should feel familiar, since this is about some of the characters that were in the Justice League when I stopped reading oh so long ago. heh. I wish MacGuire was working on it. I plan to catch up on the iPad (via Comixology) looks like I can get up to #19 there.  Way better than trying to keep up with Invincible that way…

  7. @r3v  dude if you like these characters at all you will love this book. i hadn’t read justice league in issues since booster, fire and ice were on the team and this is my fav DC book

  8. Love this book. Looking forward to finding out Max’s endgame.

  9. @r3v  Kevin Maguire can’t do a monthly book, let alone a bi-weekly book.

  10. I find the pacing of this book (and Brightest Day) takes a bit getting used to. They both tend to be paced out with giant panels of art, which spreads stories that could fit into one issue into two. So you get an issue worth of story a month with a big, cinematic storytelling style that covers two issues worth of art space. I think this is fine — JLGL has been awesome — but if you don’t pace yourself for it you can get irritated, as sometimes there is not a lot of story movement in one issue. I bet if you just waited to read them two at a time it would read even better.

  11. @RoiVampire  I do love them.  Though, I do miss the old Blue Beetle. 

    @conor  (eep. I had no idea this was bi-weekly.)  Is Mr. Maguire working on anything regularly?  Why can’t he do a monthly book?  He’s only 51, according to wikipedia, so it’s not age-related.  Hopefully it’s not some ailment…

  12. @r3v  He’s too slow for a monthly book. He hasn’t been able to do a monthly book since the very beginnings of Justice League in the 80s.

  13. @r3v  –some artists work fast, some work slow. Every artist has a process. 

  14. I’ve been reading this digitally and broke down this weekend to read the last few.  I’ve been really loving Jaime as Blue Beetle.  I know there’s some love for Ted Kord, but Jaime and his suit’s relationship adds an element Ted didn’t have.  I never read JLI, but this series hooked me from the start.


    Seriously though spoilers for the issue below.

    Yet another great issue. Personally I’m still believing that the Blue Beatle is still alive because if he wasn’t the scarab would have detached. It IS a god-like alien super technology. I think its keeping him in some form of stasis while it heals his wounds.

    You’re trusting that Soviet equipment over an alien supersoldier?

  16. THis issue was utter crap.  Completely ruined the character of Max Lord into a “I just wanna make mommy happy” villain.  This series just got entirely too self-serious recently and lost its sense of fun.  

    Put me in the camp of still not believing Jaime is dead. 

  17. @andy Reasons aside, I’m just glad we were given *some* kind of motivation.

  18. I want Winick to write Booster Gold forever.

  19. @Minion  –haha good point about Soviet gear….never trust machines who’s parts and screws thread backwards! (its a cold war thing)

  20. This should recieve comic of the year for 2010 and hopefully continues thru the new year that way!!

  21. Bring back Ted Kord!! Jaimie can stay gone; if you followed Blue Beetle and Booster Gold in their own titles and then the JLI you would see why Ted is the best!!

  22. @Flash923  As much as I love Ted, I’m going to have to disagree with you. When Jaimie first appeared I was excited because there was finally a young hero who was Hispanic.  I introduced the character to my younger cousins and they latched onto him immediately. They couldn’t believe that there was a hero that looked and acted just like they did. Jaime has grown to be an amazing character all on his own, different from any of predecessors. The youngest Blue Beetle fan in my house hold is 5 but he’s not just a Jaimie fan, he’s also become a Ted Kord fan because he wants to everything there is to know about the Blue Beetle. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if a  five year old can see that there can be room for two Beetles, why should there be arguing over which one is better?

  23. This series has consistantly hit it out of the park for me – but this issue . . . WOW!
    Just don’t know where this story is going – but really enjoying the ride. 

  24. They need to turn this into an ongoing or make Winnick the writer of the main JLA book.

  25. @Flash923 @Boomergirl     I say let’s bring Dan Garrett back!  

    In all seriousness I can’t imagine that Jaime will stay dead.  While he doesn’t have a huge amount of license properties, he’s done pretty well with Batman: Brave & the Bold, and even my nephew who’s 11, and only follows Batman and Spiderman, knows who Blue Beetle (Jaime) is….   I think Ted Kord was a great character, but Ted’s story is basically done.   In my own opinion, I think some of the worst issues of Booster Gold recently have been the ones that have yet again pulled Booster through another phase of grieving over Ted.    Its kind of time to move on, and I think (hope) that the issue where we see Ted’s grave through the centuries, is an indication that he will stay dead.

  26. @andybmcd  I don’t think it was all done to “make mommy happy,” but the things his mother reinforced over the years definitely shaped him and laid the foundation for what he did later. I personally thought this good additional backstory.

  27. @Skyfire124  I agree on the whole Booster Gold/grieving thing,

  28. Yes, he’s not Norman Bates. He is a genius who was driven by the murder of his father to do whatever it takes to fix the world. His mother was merely the one person who connected him to humanity. The destruction of Coast City took away that anchor and Max, who was loosely tethered at best, spun out of control. I liked the back story. It wasn’t perfect, but pretty damn good…which is how I would describe this entire JLGL WInnick run.

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