DC’s biweekly JUSTICE LEAGUE event continues!

In issue #15, the world blames the Justice League International for the recent Chicago death toll and the death of a hero. As our team deals with the fallout, Captain Atom returns from a dark future with information on Max Lord’s ultimate plan – and Wonder Woman plays a major part in it!

Written by JUDD WINICK
Variant covers by KEVIN MAGUIRE

Price: $2.99
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  1. Awesome cover.  I hope the Captain Atom-centric issues continue, I’m really starting to like the character.

  2. @Malecema  Same here. I was always kind of facinated with him but he never really got a chance to shine like he has here. He’s probably my second favorite character in this series behind Booster

  3. This book embodies my love for the comics medium.

  4. @Minion  Well said. This is just great comic booking

  5. Agreed.  The awesomeness continues.

  6. I agree, but by awesomeness, I specifically mean “the whole Ice thing being ignored.” Which is awesome, because that’s a mess and the Cap’n Atom stuff has been great.

  7. @sakuuya  – Aw, I liked that Ice issue.

  8. @CaseyJustice: Were you a JLI fan prior to this series? I’m finding that people’s reaction to that issue seems to be divided along that line.

  9. @Sakuuya @CaseyJustice I liked the Ice issue as well. However I will say she is the very definition of a supporting character. Don’t give her the spotlight too often. Just a panel or two here and there.

  10. The Captain Atom stuff has been fantastic. I thought this series lulled a bit when they were running around breaking into Checkmate and what not, but it is back to full steam ahead right now.

  11. @sakuuya  I liked the Ice issue also.

  12. Yeah I’m a fan of the JLI from old back issues i found when i was in high school and i loved the Ice issue. I first got introduced to Ice, Fire and Booster during the Death of Superman and then found a huge stack of JLI issues in 9th grade. This is my Justice League

  13. @sakuuya – I dunno, not a huge one. I have the firs few trades of that run, but it’s not anything that blew me away. This is really the first time I give a fig about these characters… well, I liked Blue Beetle and Booster… Anyway, why do you think that people are divided along that line?

  14. @CaseyJustice: People may disagree with me, but I thought the Ice issue had good storytelling.  I thought the flashbacks were effective in revealing her backstory, while still allowing for the story to move forward.  So, count me in the “liked it” camp.  (I am not aware if Ice’s backstory was a ret-con or just filling in the blanks.  Maybe someone else can answer that.)  

    Anyway, maybe people see the whole Fire and Ice relationship, as well as Ice’s “I don’t want to be here” attitude, as melodramatic, or even perhaps cloying.  One thing I can say I am happy about is that Ice’s t-shirt was destroyed.  I hope it stays destroyed.  It just screamed “80’s”, and her outfit needed an update.   

  15. The Joe Bennett art in this one was ROUGH. Maybe it was two inkers, or maybe it was that neither were very kind to his delicate linework. Truth be told I’d never picked up an issue of this series before, hoping to be intrigued — but I wasn’t.

  16. this is the booster I want to see in the main booster gold book!

  17. It seems like the majority of the criticisms for the Ice issue are centered around it being a retcon from a storyline in JLI.   While I remember the JLI story and liked it well enough, I certainly didn’t find it so amazing that it makes her origin untouchable.  I’m finding it rather odd, that Ice’s origin–a C-level character at best, despite that I enjoy reading her– is where so many people have chosen to draw their line in the sand on Generations Lost.

  18. @boomergirl  For real. when Booster gave the speech to Atom, man that was moment of the week for me

  19. This surpassed any expectations that I had for this issue. And that is saying something.

    Also I totally agree that this is the Booster I want in Booster Gold.

  20. @WilliamKScurryJr  I totally agree about the Joe Bennett art.  Has he ever actually LOOKED at Wonder Woman’s Costume?  
    WW does NOT have a star on her belt.
    And she threw her tiara to cut Superman’s throat.  I guess that’s what the flat frisbee-looking thing in the next to last panel is supposed to be.

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