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Written by JUDD WINICK
Variant covers by KEVIN MAGUIRE

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

Don’t mind Bennett’s work on this.  He used to be one of my faves
as a matter of fact, especially liked him on Birds of Prey, Hawkman, and
and his 52 stuff and his Terror Titans mini were good too,
but then he started to do Teen Titans, and I didn’t like his stuff
anymore for some reason.

You know, when someone is responsible for the death of hundreds of
innocents, in what is essentially a terrorist act in the middle of a
major city like Chicago, a person like that would deserve death in my
book.  I mean just imagine a real life situation where a terrorist
detonated a bomb in the middle of a city, a terrorist’s wet dream and unimaginable to all of us living our daily, mundane lives, but exactly this was just attempted in NYC
not too long ago from an SUV!   That person was caught and tried, but he
would’ve no doubt been sentenced to the death penalty if that bomb actually
went off and killed people…so why isn’t it that Max Lord isn’t
deserving of death? 

Wonder Woman autonomously decided he needed to be
killed, and she is one of the foremost heroes of the DCU whose judgment
really wasn’t questioned as far as the indivisible justice she carried
out, why is it that the restraint of unquestionable justice be
considered being a ‘hero’ as Booster is suggesting?  It involves the age old question Batman has grappled with in dealing with the Joker, as if there’s some sorta ‘line’ that needs to be crossed with killing off killers, but maybe it is a line someone like Jason Todd, and even the Flash, in addition to Wonder Woman have decided not to even draw within their code of ethics in the first place.

You know in the movies, it is the opposite:  audiences always want to see the hero
KILL the villain, because there’s usually no question to the
righteousness of that act, why is it so different in comics?

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. WW killing Lord created a huge schism, both with her relationship with other heroes and in the character itself. It was interesting, but a real problem. Iconic DC heroes don’t kill. WW is a beacon of hope and peace…who kills. Booster is right, if a bit too simplistic and sanctimonious.

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