DC’s biweekly JUSTICE LEAGUE event continues!

In issue #13, Max Lord sends his newest recruit to confront the JLI. But what happens when Magog tries to kill Captain Atom in a fight to the finish? Someone will die, creating repercussions that will affect the future timeline of KINGDOM COME!

Written by JUDD WINICK
Variant covers by KEVIN MAGUIRE

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  1. This book has become somewhat inconsistant but still not a bad issue yet. I’ll be downloading this one for sure. Really fun series that may prove to be even better than 52 if it can avoid some of the redudant narrative.

  2. I think it’s been a little slow the last couple issues but hopfully it picks back up here:)

  3. what? I thought Kingdom Come was an alternate timeline that has no effect on the DCU? Almost like an elseworlds. 

    I really dislike Magog, and i’m really not looking forward to this issue because of him. Then again, i came into this series not loving any of the main characters and i’m converted so we shall see.  

  4. Better than 52, Jdudley? Let’s not go crazy!

  5. My favorite ongoing series by far. I was really not expecting how much I loved this.

    @WallytheGreenMonster It is, but it has also been called the Unofficial future of the DC universe. 

  6. so this means they are going ot have a KINGDOM COME CRISIS edition pretty soon, where something epic happens to old superheroes. ha

  7. Loving this series.

    @Wally Kingdom Come (while now having it’s own separate world in the multiverse), has been used as the future today’s heroes are constantly trying to prevent for some time. (Since as far back as the sequel event ‘The Kingdom’.) This is not to say that the exact events of Kingdom would occur again (That’s Earth 12 I think.) but that Magog’s arrival in the DCU is the start down that path. It’s Max Lord’s job via the White Lantern to prevent it.

  8. Yeah, I’m not happy with the Kingdom Come stuff. Don’t get me wrong, KC is great, but that might be part of the problem. I don’t want or need to see it rehashed, and tying good-but-clearly-AU comics into a main continuity always rubs me the wrong way.

     Is there a way of looking at this that isn’t either, "KC is great, but we need to validate it by making it an official part of the main DCU," or "KC is cool, so if we use it a whole bunch, we’ll be cool too! Right? Right!?"

    I don’t want that to be a dig at this series–I though the last issue sucked massive amounts of ass, but I like it overall–so I’m just hoping that Winnick has something cleverer up his sleeve than a straight-up "We need to avert this alternate future that also happens to be a successful, well-known Elseworld!" story.

  9. Some think Kingdom Come is the designated future of the DCU, some think it will be The Dark Knight Returns/Strikes Again, which I would prefer personally, but was convinced that was a forgone conclusion after Martian Manhunter was killed in Infinite Crisis and the Question was turned into a female character.  Now that both Barry and J’onn are back though, have my hopes up again.

  10. None of it matters as the future will never come to pass. Every few years there’s a new "future" in the DC and Marvel U’s.

  11. Na huh, Conor, Kingdom Come will come to pass and then DC Comics will just stop printing.  Or it’ll get to the point of Dark Knight Returns, and then they’ll have to make up stories from then on:)

    I know this, it only matters in my brain which alternate future fits nicely into my scheme of things. 

  12. Personally, I like how Winick has woven in KC.  It "ups the stakes" of the Brightest Day storyline.  And, I liked the Ice origin story.  I thought is was a masterful use of flashback.  This is still the book I look forward to reading each month.   

  13. @ctrosejr: It certainly ups the stakes to say the world will end if the heroes (or Max, I guess) screw up. What I don’t like is that they felt the need to tie it to an existing popular AU. As for the Ice retcon, I wouldn’t have a problem with it if she were a new character, but since she’s been around for 25 years or so, nothing Winnick said about her last issue makes any sense. Other heroes have met the family that she supposedly imagined/made up, and the idea that she’s never gotten as upset during her whole history as when she was randomly fighting the Metal Men just strikes me as silly.

    But, hey, nothing in this issue’s solicit says that it’ll be dealing with the fallout of last issue, so I can hold out hope until tomorrow that they just ignore the whole thing. 🙂

  14. @prax–hasn’t magog already been introduced to the DCU? He was in some JSA stuff and had 12 issues of his own series. I didn’t really comprehend they were setting this up as a Kingdom Come tie in kinda thing all cause and effect style. Thats interesting. 

    @sakuuya–i guess they were counting on the fact that not a whole lot of people have much prior experience with ICE. Maybe the whole point of Generation Lost is to reintroduce these characters in an almost reboot style?

  15. @wally Yes, Magog was introduced in Geoff Johns Justice Society of America run. My point is, the way the story for Brightest Day/Generetion Lost is set up, the intention is that the fact that Magog even exists is showing the Future of the DCU is tending toward a KC-type future. Now, this is a bit different form Johns original intention. However, I do recall KC Superman expressing some fears over our universe’s Magog in the JSA books.

  16. @wally: That actually makes a ton of sense. It also makes me sad that, as a JLI fan, I’m somehow not in the target audience of a JLI book. But it’s definitely a better way of looking at the character inconsitencies in Generation Lost than my previous theory, which was "Judd Winnick finds my impotent nerd rage hilarious." 😛

  17. @sakuuya–i hear ya. I don’t remember JLI from back in the day. I followed it here and there BUT i got all the JLI trades as a gift a while ago. I started reading them again so thats gonna be fun. 

  18. Regarding Ice’s retcon last issue, has her history been looked at much since Final Crisis or even Infinite Crisis? I’m not really familiar with comics history prior to Final Crisis, so I’m not sure myself. I know these weren’t necessarily hard reboots, but you could make the argument that her past was changed then.

    Going for the No Prize: Prior to Infinite Crisis, Ice’s origins were as you knew them, an Ice godess princess or whatever. After IC her origins were altered thanks to Superboy’s punch, but her new origins were so traumatic that the memory of her old history remained until flooding back to her in the moment of stress within JL: Generation Lost #12.See, it makes sense, right? *takes a swig of kool-aid*

  19. @rustyautoparts i’m with you on all of that.

  20. HOLY SHIT.  I was not expecting that.  Well done, Generation Lost, well done.

  21. yea fun issue….hawkeye=magog?? @ifanboys please tell me your gunna mention that

  22. Damn…

  23. Loved this issue, wrote a review. 

    @Evangelion11:  I always thought hawkeye = green arrow,  and Magog was sort of a Wolverine or Deadpool – type, without any humor.

  24. Wow, definitely was not expecting THAT ending.  I thought the art slipped a little with this issue (did anybody else have trouble following the action through the first half?) but I’m still giving it 5/5, this continues to be one of the best comics out there.

  25. @PhatomPhrenemy: He meant the last words. I really couldn’t help giggling during what was supposed to be high drama i guess. Just like "It’s my turn now" some phrases should be retired from comics like sports numbers.

  26. ill be honest i didnt read avengers disesembled but the guys keep making that joke and then WHAM its in JLGL

  27. This is easily the best surprise comic of 2010 for me. Almost my favourite book right now. Great stuff.

  28. This issue had the perfect ending. Here us hoping it sticks.

  29. This was great! What a series. I really really really hope Johns sticks to his guns when he said dead is dead in the DCU.

    After its all said and done, I’m going to have so much fun rereading this thing in one or two sittings. 


  30. Magog is often seen as a representation of 90s Superheroes. Waid has at times said it was a unconscious choice, then has said it was never the case. That said, he’s jacked, has a glow-y eye, a scar and wears a giant shoulder pad bandolier. He’s pretty much a Cable pastiche. 

  31. @praxjarvin–I totally see the Cable pastiche. The fact that they took a Marine Lance Corporal and made his power stem from a power lance is kinda lame. A very literal translation…good thing it wasn’t a Colonel…they would have given him the Cornstalk of doom!

  32. Guess Kingdom Come isn’t gonna happen afterall.  Magog being analogous to Cable is a good call, but he sorta reminds me of Lobo a little, even though Lobo would prob kick his ass fairly easy.

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