Enchantress has been subdued, but this team of misfits hardly knows how to celebrate when each is still wrestling with their own demons. While Zatanna and Constantine try to decide on their next steps, Deadman deals with his loss, and Shade the Changing Man tries to bring Mindwarp back from the edge of sanity – but at what cost?

Art and cover by MIKEL JANIN

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  1. Yeah, this one is getting the axe too. I got to page 3 or 4 in #5 and I bagged it up. I spend over $50 a week, I need to cut some, this one is one of the first.

    • I’m still pretty into this book. I really like the characters and the Janin’s art is just stellar. Plus, there’s no way I’m dropping out right before Lemire takes on writing. Although I spend less than $50 in a whole month, so I can see where you’re coming from…

    • It was slow burn to form the team, but it got me I’m sticking with it. I do understand if your spending $50 a week on books I’m only about $20 or less I feel it too much sometimes.

  2. emberman- I am right about there with you as far as my comics budget and some weeks a little bit higher however; I need to trim the fat. I also bagged the last issue somewhere around that area too and never felt bad or felt I was going to miss something other than poor Z, she deserves better than this. Before the reboot her own title was a smash hit at least in my eyes now look, she is trapped with well….. dead enders. Remember this is my opinion; I like Deadman very much just to make that clear. The rest of them I could live without and have before they came strolling in, maybe add Blue Devil or some cooler magic characters and trim the fat. I would like to see them run side by side with the JL when needed and really more Z less everyone else. I know its a group title, just not a very good one at that,


  3. Love the Artist Janin, Love the writer Milligan, Love the characters, so you can count my happy ass sticking around. Plus Lemire is taking over in May and he has some pretty good writing skills too 🙂

  4. I’m so sour on this book. I think it was my only disappointment out of the New 52 that I’ve read. It might be that, like Flash923 above, Zatanna being one of my favorite characters is putting a damper on the rest of the goings on. All I know is that I’ve giving the new Arc a chance with this issue, but if it doesn’t grab me I’m off.


    • Yeah, yeah, I know, but I’m torn do I get two more issues of something I’m not enjoying based solely on the fact that it might get better after that? Do I skip two issues I might not like then jump back on with Leimere thus forever having two missing issues? It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to decide in my whole life! Blood is coming out of my nose!

  5. Can John just become team leader ? It’s obvious that Xanadu doesn’t command authority.

  6. yous dudes are jumping ship too soon! Jeff Lemire is taking over on issue 9.

  7. I will return than and see how this Jeff you speak of does.


  8. I feel like the overall story has finally solidified in the last issue. Starting to enjoy this now.

  9. Dropped this awhile ago but going to head back in when Lemire takes over. Now I just want them to get a new artist.

  10. I kind of think that my issue has been how long it’s taken to get the group assembled. There have been a ton of ‘getting the band together’ stories running at the same time due to the New 52, so it makes it tougher to have patience when you have the Suicide Squad on like their third round of new members and this one still forming. Having said that, I am still in and will wait to see what Jeff Lemire has in store. Judging from the May solicits it looks like a pretty different line-up so it should be an interesting switch.

    • Oh, I don’t know. Did it take any longer for them to come together than the regular JL? And I’m paying $3.99 for that one. I’m not saying Milligan couldn’t have trimmed things down to make things go faster (I mean, is anyone really caring about this Mindwarp guy?), but I don’t mind long arcs as long as they have a point. I feel like this was a pretty good opening arc in that we really got a feel for each character as an individual.

  11. Well damn, I guess I should’ve read I, Vampire #6 first.

    That aside, it was nice to see the ‘team’ sort of stand around and have a conversation. It did take a while to get to this point but I think the first 5 issues worked as a nice introduction, with #5 having a satisfying payoff. I’m excited for JLD going forward, particularly when Lemire takes over.

    • Agreed. I like that, basically, the team got all of the issues out on to the table. It will be interesting to see how things progress for them from here.

      Madam Xanadu seems only there to mess s*** up. I can’t see her as team leader. No one trusts her. I also do not see her as a support player. I see her as “Mission Control,” essentially handing down the mission to the team.

      Constantine commands the most respect, but I do not see him wanting to be in charge of anything. Deadman would take the lead, but it’s hard to follow a dead guy. Honestly, the team, as constructed, does not have a natural leader.

      Lemire has talked about adding more characters to the team. I think that would be good. Here’s who I would add: Blue Devil and Detective Chimp. Detective Chimp would be an AWESOME leader of this team, a regular Hannibal Smith.

  12. Read this issue anyway and yeah I am done, JLD DROPPED!!

    Be back to check out that Jeff you all speak of.


  13. Did anyone read I,Vampire #6? I might check it out next week.

    • Yeah I am also done with that title, issue #6 left me well….. I am dropping this as well as that. This started out godd from issue one and than bored me I Vampire up until these last two issues with Batman’s appearance which I thought were needless at this point. This is just my thoughts and well let someone else give you some advise, I say NO to either of these.


  14. I really enjoyed this issue, probably the strongest one yet. wished I had read I, Vampire first. a not at the begining would have been nice. Shame that Milligan is (did he jump or was he pushed?) would like to have seen where he was going with this. Lemire will look after us though

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