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• The House of Mystery is under seige—can special guest star The Flash help Justice League Dark battle this unexpected threat?

Story by Ray Fawkes & Jeff Lemire
Art by Mikel Janin & Vicente Cifuentes
Cover by Mikel Janin

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. “The House of Mystery is under siege—can special guest star The Flash help FUCK UP the Justice League Dark comic? Yes, I think he just might!”

    The phrase “Jumping the Shark” is coming to mind. Ugh.

  2. I’m kind of looking forward the the Flash’s appearance in this. But really can’t wait for Trinity War this summer.

    • I’m worried that the most recent issue of JLD was listed as being 3.99. I don’t want this book, or any DC book, to go up a buck with no more content.

      I like this book, I think Janin’s art is fantastic – I just don’t want DC to become Marvel.

    • Yeah, I saw that too for July. And Justice League of America dropped from 40 pages to 32 pages and stayed at $3.99. Superman Unchained will be 32 pages and $3.99, so will Batman/Superman. As soon as Trinity War is over I will re-assess my pull list. If this trend continues I will only keep buying my Bat Family titles in regular issues and get everything else in trade format.

    • Why is Marvel so much more expensive than DC?

    • Clearly it’s the amazing shit paper it’s wrote on.

    • @mrmarky: I’m guessing greed is a major factor, might explain the twice a month shipping too.

      @GM: LOL

    • Yeah, it sucks about JL of A, Supes Unchained and Batman/Superman book. I’m ready to drop JL Dark and JL of A and didn’t even put Superman Unchained of Bat/Sup on my pull list. If they were 2.99 or 3.99 with 30 pages I would have totally added them. There is a back-up in Sup Unchained so I don’t know exactly what DC is up to – and they aren’t talking.

      It’s gonna be sad if I end up turning my back on DC like I did with Marvel.

      And Marvel fans don’t like when you say they are greedy, but it’s pretty obvious they are – I’m just sad people keep buying the books.

    • Yeah, I’m really discouraged about those pricing changes for July. One of the reasons that I read more DC books than Marvel is the price; if DC starts increasing price without more pages, I may be dropping a few books after Trinity War . . .

  3. So we have a Mikel Janin issue of The Flash? That’s a fucking good design by him.

  4. I love the House of Mystery. Interesting that Flash was in Dial H and this one. Can’t wait for more Black Orchid too.

  5. JLD is back on track! There were so many things I loved about this issue, starting with the cover. Swamp Thing rocked more here than he does in his own book. This comic really appears to be bouncing back from the last disappointing story arc. Can’t wait for the next issue!

  6. It was very cool to see Swamp Thing in this issue. This title seems to keep getting better.

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