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• FAUST’S true master is revealed!

• The divided team must go up against BLACKBRIAR THORN!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Cover by RYAN SOOK

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Loving what Lemire’s doing on this book.

    Great cover too.

  2. Great first story. I love the great dynamic of the new team.

  3. This book has been great since Lemire took over. Can’t wait for this issue.

  4. Haven’t finished my pile yet but this could very well be my POTW. Anything Lemire touches turns to gold as far as I’m concerned, he has me completely stoked for this book and its’ characters. Pretty art, too. Especially that cover…

  5. The change from Milligan to Lemire took some getting used to style-wise for me, but I trusted that Lemire would get things on track. This issue I finally felt like I settled into the team, and the way things are going to go from now on. I like the inclusion of The House of Mystery/Secrets, and the Books of Magic. I also think there is a nice balance of action and humor, which I enjoy more than the overall serious tone of Milligan’s arc.

    Side note, does anyone know who the mystery man is? I don’t know enough history to venture a guess, for all I know we are supposed to be left in the dark for now. I’m just curious is all.

  6. I didn’t notice much of a change in tone, but I do appreciate the additions of Dr. Mist and Black Orchid — even if Black Orchid’s new look isn’t quite doing it for me — especially in comparison to the outstanding Tony DeZuniga desgin. Storywise, this arc has been spot on — and I appreciate Tim Hunter’s updated look. Looking forward to Amethyst making an appearance and wondering when Raven will be introduced and if the Enchantress will come back eventually.

  7. Probably the best issue yet. This book is finally achieving its potential.

  8. Yeah, this issue was awesome. Can’t wait to see how this story finishes.

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