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  1. Between this and Ellis’s amazing JLU ep, I’ve have really started to love Ray Palmer.

  2. Eagerly awaiting the best backmatter in all of comics. The story is decent, too.

  3. @WinTheWonderboy – I enjoy Ray Palmer.  He is underutilized.  It seems like the only time he pops up is when someone wants to do an "innerspace" story or when his wife is murdering people.

  4. There is some bad dialogue, but I’m still really into this book.

  5. I heard JUSTICE!!!! is the new MAAYHEMM!!!! Or maybe Robinson knocked that off an issue or two ago. I’m not reading this, I just hear about it.

  6. I reread the first three issues, and I still think this is a solid 4-star book. My only complaint is that Hal seems a little off, but overall the characterizations are good, the story is moving, and I’m still looking forward to his run on JLA.

  7. @flapjaxx: Don’t believe the hype!

    I’m along for the ride, and for the first two issues it wasn’t that much of a ‘ride’. However the third got the cogs really going and now I’m somewhat excited about this issue.

  8. People got better justice (JUSTICE!) from the Bush administration.  James Robinson wrote one of my favorite minis of all time – Golden Age.  Justice (JUSTICE!) – words fail me.  (JUSTICE!)  The best backmatter in all comics …maybe.  But that’s like saying the fortune cookie rocked after hurling the entree.  I’ll go you one better Backmatter Lad (JUSTICE!).  The events in this comic that occur off-page – many a fight, a threesome that couldn’t have been more out of character than if Bea Arthur had participated, and any imaginary spread where someone doesn’t fucking yell "JUSTICE" – those events are awesome.  They are worth the price and the incomprehensible 315 pulls.  That JUSTICE, the one with a good story that doesn’t take three issues to build to a red herring, that celebrates a character’s legacy through imaginative yet faithful interpretation, that takes advantage of a JLA reboot with a good plot, good villains, and good pacing (see Legends JUSTICE!, or Waid’s precursor to Morrison’s amazing run JUSTICE!), that’s the comic I’ll be reading from now on.  A damn shame it doesn’t exist.

  9. well im praying i don’t hear another hero in this issue say *sigh* "i want justice"… thats my only beef with the justice…. i mean story

  10. I thought the story and art in this issue matched the quality of the backmatter for the first time.  This was certainly my favorite issue of the series.  Mr. Robinson seems to be having fun and is allowing me to tag along.  Mr. Cascioli NAILED the art (in my opinion).

  11. Why do artists draw Jason Rusch white so often?

  12. @skeets – Probably because 95% of characters in these books are white and they just do it by reflex.

  13. Getting into a little speculation…

    I was curious about the whole Jason Rusch looking like Ronnie Raymond myself particularly because it’s Ronnie’s suit and not Jasons. Has James Robinson stated when this series takes place? I’m asking because I’m curious if it’s pre or post Blackest Night. What I’m hoping happens in Blackest Night goes back to Kevin Smiths Green Arrow run where Ollie was empty and needed his soul to become full again. I’m hoping that Geoff John’s goes with that where it would be a good way to bring back dead heroes and have it mean something without making their deaths any less special. So without rambling on too long I hope this possibly might be post Blackest Night and that would explain the Hawks & Ronnie. All they would have needed was Ralph in the place of Plastic Man.

    Thoughts anyone? 

  14. DC said that Blackest Night was the last thing to take place in the DC year. The hawks are alive and I would hope that DC wouldn’t let that slip. And I don’t think that we’ve seen Barry Allen yet, and he would definitely be seen with Hal once.

    Very happy to see Miss Martian outside the current black hole that is Teen Titans.

  15. *@Soma

  16. @Soma – well it should take place before BN considering Brick is alive in this and Manhunter is still in LA.

  17. This… was not good.

  18. Hmmm…you either love or hate this book, it seems.  I happen to love it.

  19. I can say it was better then the last few issues.


    I liked a couple things like how dangerous they are making Promethus and Supergirl’s crush on Freddy. 

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