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  1. I’m on the fence on this one, if i should wait for the trade or not?

  2. i have a bad feeling about this

  3. i caught the preview of this in one of my DC comics, and the art is just gorgeous. I’m really excited for thsi series, i just hope it won’t disappoint!

  4. The premise seems very 90’s. "Force Works" anyone?

  5. I like the premise for sure. Should be interesting to say the least. Should be good!

  6. Pretty confident this will be good, but going to wait for a hardcover anyway. Hopefully the collected edition is released before Robinson’s run on the regular JLA title begins.

  7. hoping for a very welcome relief from McDuffie’s haphazard run

  8. @ABirdseysView – I think I’d call it a haphazard run by DC editorial with McDuffie’s name printed on the cover. The man can wright but was not allowed to.

  9. description says 6part series yet title says 1of 7 hell id buy this just for green arrow alone i hate what theyve done to his series shuda never wrapped up the old green arrow series OR KILL brick prime example of ruining someone elses good work and characters

  10. @mrmister: his run on jla starts in october so this book won’t be complete by then. so i don’t think the trade will be out.

  11. anyone notice it says 1 of 7 and then the solicitation reads ‘6 issue mini’ – oops we are already on a bad start there no? im reading starman and love it but a bit on the fence with robinsons superman. i thyink this will be good, especially as a justice leageue fan who has seen nothing good seince ,eltzer left the justice league relaunch a few years ago. fingers crossed dc do something great with this mini

  12. I was on the fence, but knowing this will lead into his JL ongoing I’m going to pick it up.

  13. Will be checking this out mainly for the art. It looked pretty nice in the previews, but if the story isn’t any good … bye bye.

  14. @gnanniv

    Well said sir!  If you look back at the short ‘injustice league’ arc, where he got the full universe to play with it was far superior to the later editorially mandated issues that caused me to drop the book.  His work on JLU series also shows his capabilities in a far better light

  15. are we talking bout Starman from JSA ?

  16. @gnanniv: yes I am aware it was not McDuffie’s fault.  I referred to it as his out of simplicity.

  17. @ABirdseysView – I hear ya.

  18. @VisionGX: Its Milkaal Tomas the 70’s Starman. he had a big role in Robinson’s 90’s starman series.

  19. I dropped JSA after Johns’ run and haven’t picked up JLA because it looks terrible.  However after reading the preview for this in the back of several comics It looks like what JLA should be so I try it out.

  20. I gave this book 4 stars, despite the heavy-handed exposition, which was cringe-inducing at points (Starman had the same thing from time to time).  The art was good, and I look forward to where the book is going.

  21. @Sammy:  This was originally billed as an ongoing, then changed to a 6 issue, now a 7 issue I think.  DC has its moments good and bad. They’ve really prevented McDuffie from writing a decent JLA book, but I’m very excited for this book with Robinson on it.  Should be really good. 

  22. this book is definitly starting with a slow burn type of approach, but i think by the end this could be areally fun book

  23. The beginning, with Hal, Ollie, and the rest of the JLA was golden, I thought. I loved the characterization of Hal and Ollie, and Superman to some extent. Based off these pages alone I probably would’ve given this book a 4 or a 5.

    Even the Atom stuff was pretty good. Not being a JLA/Atom reader it was a little hard to grasp what was going on, but the whole back and forth thought/caption bubbles was a great idea. Add this into the mix and I think I would’ve gone with a solid 4 stars.

    However, from there on out everything started to fall apart. Very heavy exposition, "JUSTICE!" everywhere, and just a general feeling of heavy handedness. Still, it’s a decent 3/5 (almost went with 2), and I’ll be reading at least the next issue, I just hope it’s able to showcase it’s strengths and hide it’s weaknesses a little better in the future.



    Have they extended this series, I’m sure it was 6 issues when announced, it’s 7 now according to the front cover…is this to tie into the uncoming JLA series?

  25. Congorilla for president!

  26. I think the word "justice" appears 42943 times in this issue, but I could be wrong.

  27. heavy exposition but almost earns a 5 for art alone.

  28. This was a very good. I really liked the text piece/Congorilla origin in the back. I’m officially crazy excited for Robinson taking over JLA.

  29. This was great!! The Green Lantern/Green Arrow banter made the whole thing worth it, not to mention the art. Can’t wait for the next one!!

  30. Good issue, not a great book, but I’m in for the long haul. Robinson gets Green Arrow, it seems and he has a good take on Hal. 4/5 for me. This really has a great Silver Age-y feel to it, truth told. Obviously it is inspired Denny O’Neill’s GL/GA run and Len Wein’s JLA. Very cool.

  31. I hate the cover of this book, but loved the art and writing inside.  After having read his prose bit at the end, I am now a James Robinson fan.

    I know I am in the minority here, but I enjoyed this more than Batman and Robin #2.

  32. @stulach I’m with you.  This was one of the most enjoyable books I read this week. 

    The "justice" thing was a little overdone, but it is called "Cry for Justice."  If it were called "Cry for Burgers," it would have featured a lot of hungry heroes bellowing for beef.  There is no leaving this book thinking "now, what was this about, again?"  That can’t be said of every super-hero book.

  33. ok i dident really get The Atom stuff or the moneky stuff, but hell ya Green Arrow and Green Lantern!

  34. @Quinn – I immediately thought of Chew when I read "Cry for Burgers".  I need a copy of that book.

  35. Dug on this something serious. I hope Hal knocks some goody goods heads together and wakes some fools up.

    Didn’t Wonder Woman kill some cat. She should be in line for this new Justice team.

    That wasn’t a question: Maxwell Lord. Booster Gold is giving me some DC knowledge.

  36. When I saw the preview the first time I was excited for this, then I saw it over and over again in so many books that I got tired of seeing it. I still picked it up but wasn’t expecting much….


    I loved it!… Once I’d got past the preview stuff I really started digging the story. Like many first issues it’s all set up really but I’m fine with that.

    Like people have said, the book is called Cry for Justice so I didn’t have a problem with ‘JUSTICE!’ being all over this issue.

  37. The text piece at the end moved this from a 4 to a 5 in my book.

  38. I thought this was pretty good … until the Starman & Congorilla sections. They were pretty weak & dull & made it really hard for me to care. Don’t think I’ll continue with this …

  39. Loved Congorilla but I’m still recovering over the death of Freedom Beast. He was cool.

  40. if not for Batman and Robin, this is my POTW.

  41. This book gave me as big of a rush that Morrison’s JLA reboot did. This is what the Justice League needs to be in 2009. Having Hal embracing his role as a cop was something I have wanted to see for some time. Ollie is the perfect partner yet again. Ray Palmer IMO stole the best moment but there were so many great set-ups it’s hard to choose. I give this a 10 out of 10!

  42. I can’t believe how good this is.  What a resurgence this year is turning out to be for James Robinson!

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