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So this book essentially bursted my Justice League cherry, as I havent really read too many JL titles besides a few random issues of the Giffen run. From the synopsis to the previews, this mini-series looked to be a good jumping on point and a truly epic story. After reading this issue, even though this series is looking to be both of those things, it’s also looking to be quite a bore.

James Robinson pretty much writes all the characters with multiple sticks up their asses, as everyone comes off stiff and rigid. Green Lantern is the biggest victim of this, as he is written as an uncharasmatic bore who bares none of the qualities that made him such an endearing character under Geoff Johns’ run. Johns writes him as an authority figure who is all about justice, but at least he’s a fun character to read under him, whereas there is no fun at all to be found in this script.

I’m liking the painted art however, as this style is a good match for the epic story this series promises to tell. Let’s just hope that there’s a point in the future scripts that can depict a moment that will be beautifuly rendered in this style, because besides the Starman walking-away-from-an-explosion-scene, there really wasn’t much here.

I’m still going to be on board with this mini since I’m really interested in the concept of the Justice League, especially one that features alot of my favorite characters. I just hope that Robinson can kick up the script a bit and inject some fun into it. Also, if anyone else angerly exits a scene and demands that they “want JUSTICE!” one more time, then I’m done. It was cheesy the first time, and just grated my nerves when every single character did in further on. 

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. When I saw the preview the first time I was excited for this, then I saw it over and over again in so many book the I got tired of seeing it. I still picked it up but wasn’t excepting much….


    I loved it!… Once I’d got past the preview stuff I really started digging the story. Like many first issues it’s all set up really but I’m fine with that.

    In relation to your review, The book is called Cry for Justice so I didn’t have a problem with ‘JUSTICE!’ being all over this issue.

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